PS4 games require Vita remote play compatibility

PS4 games require Vita remote play compatibility

Remote play capability was introduced by the Playstation 3 with the PSP but only worked on a small number of titles.

Sony has demanded that all upcoming Playstation 4 games must be compatible with the PS Vita's Remote Play feature.

A source familiar fith the matter told Eurogamer's Digital Foundry that unless the game needs hardware specific to the Playstation 4, like the console's stereoscopic camera, then everything released must be playable from Sony's latest handheld device.

Remote Play is a feature that was introduced with the original PSP in relation to Playstation 3 titles, but it did not support a significant part of the console's library. The system used on the Playstation 4 to play titles remotely on the Vita will however be different as it will involve the streaming technology from Gaikai mentioned in the console's launch event.

The method used by the Playstation 4 will downscale the screen image using a built in h.264 video encoder which is then transmitted via WiFi. Games streamed in this way should only be affected in terms of image quality, an issue which can be improved with higher bandwidth.

The PS Vita was released at the end of 2011 in Japan and released to most other territories in February 2012. As of June 2012, the Vita had sold 2.2 million units worldwide.

At release, its most significant criticism was concerning price and viability, considering the saturation of the market with Nintendo's more successful DS successors and the rise of gaming-capable smartphones with accompanying strong digital marketplaces.


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enciem 1st June 2013, 12:02 Quote
Well that makes sense, there's sod all else to with my vita. The games are still largely rubbish, and not to mention fugly, ports.
bagman 2nd June 2013, 02:17 Quote
Is this not much like the Wii U remote? If it is the case then good as it is a decent feature but is on a console which has games.
SAimNE 2nd June 2013, 03:01 Quote
so they only way to get a decent game on the vita is to buy a ps4 and stream it from there....

ill admit it's a step forward, but it'd probably increase vita sales if they would actually make GAMES for the handheld GAMING device, not just allow i to stream them from another console.... just a tip.
Neogumbercules 2nd June 2013, 05:16 Quote
My bathroom trips just got a lot more entertaining.
Sub-particle 0.76 2nd June 2013, 08:01 Quote
Wouldn't be surprise if similar application will be available on smartphones bypassing vita altogether
sub routine 2nd June 2013, 14:26 Quote
shouldn`t it read Vita requires PS4.......... URGENTLY, as the lack of decent games is driving me batty.
Neogumbercules 2nd June 2013, 16:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Sub-particle 0.76
Wouldn't be surprise if similar application will be available on smartphones bypassing vita altogether

Doubtful. Too many buttons, plus I'm sure Sony have thought of that and will make such a thing impossible. XB1 on the other hand will use "Smartglass" to do non-gaming BS on your mobile devices.
schmidtbag 3rd June 2013, 13:51 Quote
I don't get it, if the PS4 game is basically just shrunken and transmitted wirelessly, what exactly is there for the devs to do?
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