Blizzard's Titan reduces team and starts again

Blizzard's Titan reduces team and starts again

Details on Project Titan are sketchy, although there is still a part of the Blizzard fan-base that still hopes it is "World of Starcraft".

Blizzard is hitting the reset button on its in-development MMO codenamed 'Titan' according to sources familiar with the matter.

Talking to VentureBeat, the source said that the 100-strong Titan team has been reduced by 70 positions with those team members being reallocated to other projects. The remaining core will also start again on the project.

In a statement from Blizzard responding to the story, spokesman Shon Damron said that they have come to a point whereby they need to make some large design and technology changes to the game.

'We've always had a highly iterative development process, and the unannounced MMO is no exception,' said Danron. 'We're using this opportunity to shift more of our resources to assist with other projects while the core team adapts our technology and tools.'

Due to a leak of Blizzard's schedule, there was speculation that Titan would be released in 2014. Now, it is not expected until at least 2016 although Danron emphasises the fact that there is still no announced release date for the title.

Blizzard is of course famous for its hugely successful MMO World of Warcraft, as well as its Starcraft and Diablo brands, from which is has amassed a great deal of money. As such, hopes should be high that the project won't halt completely due to lack of funds.

Project Titan was first hinted at in 2007 with Blizzard forum users speculating on its existence following a job posting from Blizzard for character and environment artists to work on a top secret next-generation MMO. The project's existence was then confirmed in 2008 with the codename Titan leaking out two years later on an internal project schedule.


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Harlequin 29th May 2013, 08:04 Quote
restarting from the ground up oO

really hope this doesn't go the way of star craft: ghost

with this delayed blizz have 3 titles for the next 2 years;

Diablo 3 exp pak 1 (next year early or late this year) , WOW exp pak 5 (next year end) and SC2 exp pak 2.

whats the odds , its being rebuilt to make it console friendly thanks to the big tie up with the PS4?
Draksis 29th May 2013, 08:24 Quote
Well what we know about Titan is only that it's set to be a MMO with a "wider target crowd" than WoW. So who know why they decided to restart the project.
Reducing the team size that much also makes me think it might a case of too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.

though I too hope that this is not the way of things to come, and the project ending up as SC: Ghost
LordPyrinc 29th May 2013, 19:03 Quote
Blizzard delaying a game? Imagine that.

I played the heck out of Diablo, D2, and LOD, but I must say D3 lost its luster quickly. In part, I blame the built in auction house and the difficulty scaling. Inferno difficulty was dang near impossible to play with "found" gear. Every item my level 60 char monk wears was bought via the gold auction house. Great gear and you can still die in Inferno if you get an unlucky combination of skills on a boss group.

SC2 was fun. I think the AI is really well developed at higher difficulties, but I get my but kicked on multiplayer with random real people because I can't micro worth a crap. Never got into WOW or any other MMO for that matter. I probably won't even touch Titan (especially if it requires a monthly subscription).
Bogomip 29th May 2013, 19:07 Quote
Its unlikely to require a monthly subscription I think - Blizz are currently experimenting with the f2p model which is their excuse for making that new card game of theirs.

Anyway, if they looked at it and decided it wasnt worth releasing like it was, then good for them :) EA would have bundled that bad boy out the window.
sotu1 29th May 2013, 23:23 Quote
frankly I think this is hilarious. They are delaying until 2016, which in Blizz terms, means it will see a release circa 2020. Good luck seeing this one anytime soon.
alpaca 30th May 2013, 08:41 Quote
the link to the article is dead, or is that only for me?
Ljs 31st May 2013, 08:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Bogomip
Anyway, if they looked at it and decided it wasnt worth releasing like it was, then good for them :) EA would have bundled that bad boy out the window.

So true!
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