More Minecraft merchandise on the way

More Minecraft merchandise on the way

Minecraft already has a significant merchandising machine through a collaboration with J!nx.

Minecraft developer Mojang has struck a deal with toy company Jazwares to produce merchandise based on the block-based open world building and surviving game.

The American toy company will produce action figures, plush toys and papercraft products based on the game. The products will be ready to buy for the 2013 holiday season.

'Minecraft is one of the hottest brands on the planet right now,' said Jazwares executive vice-president of global sales Laura Zebersky. 'The world is playing the game and engaging in its remarkably compelling modes. The marketplace is primed for a line of toys, electronics and paper craft items that reflect the fun and creativity of the game.'

Minecraft already has a line of merchandise available through clothing company J!nx which includes plush creepers, foam pickaxes and a range of t-shirts. Mojang also managed to get a Lego set based on Minecraft approved and produced through the Lego Cuusoo program.

'This partnership will help give our community a new way to interact with the game they love,' said Mojang chief executive Carl Manneh.

Released as a public alpha in 2009 and officially released in November 2011, Minecraft has sold more than 20 million copies across its PC, Xbox and mobile editions.

Creator Markus 'Notch' Persson is currently working on a new game, 0x10c, which currently appears to be a variation on the Minecraft theme but with a focus on computer hacking and spaceships. He recently announced however that the project was on hold indefinitely.


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Omnituens 23rd April 2013, 14:01 Quote

Now optimise Minecraft so it doesn't memory leak all over the shop Mojang.

I really wish Notch hadn't used Java for it.
Fizzban 25th April 2013, 10:56 Quote
I am sure the plushies will sell well. Personally I've never seen the appeal, but the internets seem to adore them so it's a good move.
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