Remaining THQ IP raises approximately $7m

Remaining THQ IP raises approximately $7m

Darksiders was one of the THQ IPs that was left without a bidder following its first round of auctions.

The auction for THQ's remaining IP has raised an estimated $7 million. The auction has finished and the final offers are awaiting approval from the courts.

The fallen publisher previously attempted to auction off all of its assets in January, with some of its more high profile properties being snapped up by various different publishers and developers.

The final bids for this latest auction were due to be submitted on April 15. Still up for auction were the rights to Darksiders, Homeworld and Red Faction as well as all of THQs licensed software.

Crytek USA chief executive David Adams was previously interested in trying to acquire the Darksiders IP, as this was developed by the studio before it was bought up by Crytek and changed its name from Vigil Games.

TeamPixel also submitted a bid for the Homeworld IP having raised $58,644 through a Kickstarter campaign to give them a chance. They were however outbid and instead refunded the money.

The dust is expected to settle on the auction process and the offers presented to the courts by the end of May.

THQ filed for bankruptcy at the end of last year leaving the fate of many anticipated titles including Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth in the air. Although originally hoping to ship all of its IP off to a single buyer, the publisher's properties were instead bought up by several different entities.

Sega picked up Company of Heroes and Dawn of War developer Relic, which might seem like an odd choice considering they currently own the Creative Assembly, another developer specialising in strategy titles.

Crytek bought the rights to Homefront as it was currently working on the sequel and wanted to secure publishing rights. The German studio then followed this up by hiring most of the team at Vigil, the Darksiders developers that had been shut down following the initial auction.

THQ initiated bankruptcy proceedings last December following a prolonged financial struggle throughout 2012.


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MrJay 22nd April 2013, 16:08 Quote
IB4 Homeworld 3! Lets hope the IP isn't just snapped up at bargain prices and sat on for an eternity, id really like to see continuation of these titles with the input of a fresh perspective. *Turning a rather negative situation into a positive*
rollo 22nd April 2013, 17:22 Quote
7mil is hardly loose change
CowBlazed 22nd April 2013, 20:58 Quote
So do we know who got Homeworld? All reports I've read mention the various failed attempts to bid for it, but not the winning one.
Krazeh 22nd April 2013, 21:02 Quote
Gearbox Software got it.
Evolutionsic 22nd April 2013, 21:16 Quote
sad to see THQ go :(
Nikumba 23rd April 2013, 07:38 Quote
I am happy EA have not got their hands on it, but also boo as Gearbox have it and well we could be waiting ages lol
Blademrk 23rd April 2013, 13:20 Quote
Any news on who got Darksiders?
RedFlames 23rd April 2013, 13:24 Quote
Nordic Games picked up Darksiders, SupCom and Red Faction [and most of the remaining IPs] according to RPS
MightyBenihana 23rd April 2013, 13:54 Quote
I agree with the EA sentiment. Personally I'm praying for creative assembly to do Total War 40k.
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