Nintendo axing Wii services

Nintendo axing Wii services

Many of the Wii's channels that are being shut down have been available since the console's November 2006 launch.

Nintendo is closing down several of the Wii's online services in June.

This includes message boards and a number of the console's channel apps, including the Nintendo Channel, the News Channel, the Forecast Channel, the Mii Contest Channel and Everybody Votes.

Data exchanged through WiiConnect 24, including messages and Mii exchanges will also be drawing to a close. This will have a knock on affect on messages exchanged through some games as well as from the console's dashboard.

The channels will be switched off on Jun 28. The Today's Accomplishments and the Wii Shop Channel will however remain active.

'We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products,' Nintendo said in a statement. 'We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding.'

Although Nintendo launched the successor to the Wii, the Wii U, at the end of last year, the move to close down the Wii's online components comes only shortly after it launched the Wii Mini. The Wii Mini debuted in Canada in December 2012 before being quietly launched in Europe in March 2013.

The Wii is just over six years old, initially launching in November 2006. To date, it has shipped approximately 100 million units. The Wii Mini launched at the end of last year stripped out the original console's backward compatibility with Gamecube titles, cuts out the SD card slot, wifi support and also has limited online capabilities in general.


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Corky42 15th April 2013, 09:09 Quote
and ask for your understanding

As the don't give a reason, i wont give my understanding.
RichCreedy 15th April 2013, 09:27 Quote
I would imagine it's a cost saving exercise.
SazBard 15th April 2013, 11:02 Quote
I'm really pissed off at Nintendo to be honest. I had 1500 points and they wiped out the lot. I sent an email to customer services and they couldn't even be bothered to write back. I hope they shut all the channels, and the Wii U flops...

I really like the Wii but I'll be dammed if I buy anything from them again. You can't be bothered with me, I can't be bothered with you, end of story...


Apart from that everything's alright! :-D
Xir 15th April 2013, 13:04 Quote
What chanels aren't waxed, and do any of you find them usefull?
(Haven't bothered connecting it up to the net yet)

The original WII has wifi support? Haven't managed to find that.
schmidtbag 15th April 2013, 16:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Corky42
and ask for your understanding

As the don't give a reason, i wont give my understanding.

Exactly my thoughts. Though I'm sure the reason behind them is nobody gives a crap about them so they're just money pits.
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