Non-Ubisoft titles coming to Uplay

Non-Ubisoft titles coming to Uplay

Uplay launched in 2009 but only added its digital distribution feature last year.

Ubisoft is adding titles from rival publishers to its digital distribution service, Uplay.

Games from publishers including Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers and Paradox Interactive will make their way to Ubisoft's digital PC store, marking the first step towards the platform becoming a serious competitor against the likes of Steam.

In addition to this, a series of Ubisoft titles will also be making their way to EA's service, Origin.

'We've been launching our own Uplay shop, and we wanted to make sure we offer a good experience from the start so we had to work on both the technical setup and all the negotiation with partners, and we thought the timing was good after the release of very strong PC titles from Ubisoft but also from partners.' Ubisoft worldwide Uplay director Stephanie Perotti told GamesIndustry International.

Ubisoft has agreements with approximately 15 third party publishers and will be launching approximately 30 non-Ubisoft titles. The publisher intends to add more over time.

According to Perotti, Ubisoft wants to offer another distribution outlet for the burgeoning indie market.

[i]'We also want to provide another place maybe for some of the indie developers or smaller publishers to get in touch with an audience and we have a pre-launch user base that we think can be also beneficial to these developers and publishers,'[i] she adds.

Although Uplay appears to be attempting to square up against Valve's Steam, Ubisoft is still maintaining its relationship with the more dominant digital distribution platform. However, recent releases from Ubisoft available through Steam have still required a Uplay account to activate, creating the odd scenario whereby a title from Steam has to launch through a second digital distribution hub.

Uplay launched in 2009 with the digital distribution feature added last year. The service currently has approximately 50 million users.


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MrDomRocks 20th February 2013, 08:20 Quote
Ubi titles will also be available through Origin too.

Steam is still better. In my opinion, as will be many others as they are averse to having multiple launch clients etc

Ubi is ok. I only use Origin for Battlefield 3. And of course Crysis 3 when I can afford it.
Griffter 20th February 2013, 08:38 Quote
i think if they investigate u will find collusion between ubisoft and EA to try and work together to bring them closer to steam... illegal sir ... illegal. that's not cricket!
SlowMotionSuicide 20th February 2013, 10:18 Quote
Competition is always good for consumer, even though I won't personally touch anything from Ubisoft even with a ten feet pole.
CustomPCMAX 20th February 2013, 12:10 Quote
How about Ubisoft work on making some good titles before they worry about making a digital distro that is going to fail...?
sear 22nd February 2013, 02:50 Quote
Well, I'm sure this venture isn't doomed to horrible failure.
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