Rock Band set for final DLC

Rock Band set for final DLC

Released in 2007, Rock Band has issued new tracks to buy for 275 weeks, building a library of more than 4,000 songs.

The plastic guitar and drum-kit fuelled Rock Band is to stop releasing new downloadable songs on April 2 according to a post on the Harmonix forums.

The game has managed to put out new tracks for 275 consecutive weeks since its release consisting of more than 4,000 songs. Following April 2, although Harmonix will still have the technical capacity to release new songs and new DLC, there are no plans for them to do so.

The game's servers, leader boards and music store will continue to run for the foreseeable future following the final update.

Although the weekly releases are being stopped, Harmonix will still continue to support the Rock Band Network on the Xbox 360. Support for the Playstation Network version will however cease at the same time as the weekly updates.

'Rock Band DLC production has gradually slowed over the past 5 years,' said Harmonix community development manager Aaron Trites. 'In recent months we've scaled production down as we've transitioned resources on to other projects.'

Although Trites does not confirm what Harmonix is currently working on, he does imply that it is not Rock Band related.

To mark the final DLC release, Harmonix is hosting a Rock Band show on March 21 in Boston alongside PAX East.

Rock Band made its first entry into the rhythm game genre in 2007. It has received two direct sequels and spin offs featuring The Beatles, Green Day, and an instalment based around Lego.


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barny2767 19th February 2013, 07:31 Quote
I have to say well done rock band and to the devs for supporting a game for 6 years. I was never a fan and only ever played a few times but that's still a very good achievement.
Griffter 19th February 2013, 09:24 Quote
i also never liked it, but played couple times when all my friends were playing at their houses, but damn... the support for the game is outstanding!
Krikkit 19th February 2013, 09:39 Quote
4000 songs, good grief! I'd no idea they'd done so many.
Mankz 19th February 2013, 11:21 Quote

I still think the pinnacle of the interactive music sim's was Guitar Hero 3.. the song list and feel of that game was just about perfect.. and almost ruined my GCSE's..
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