Activision disappointed by Wii U launch

Activision disappointed by Wii U launch

Skylanders was 2012's most successful line of toys outperforming notoriously powerful merchandise driven franchises.

Activision has expressed its disappointment in the launch of the Wii U.

Following the release of the mega-publisher's 2012 annual financial reports, in which the company reported an annual revenue of $4.86bn, Acitivision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick explained the company's stance on the new platform.

'As you know, we were somewhat disappointed with the launch of the Wii U,' Kotick said on an investor conference call in response to a question about the Skylanders series on the platform. 'I think it's a challenging environment this year and one of the things we are concerned about is what the install base of hardware will be like for 6-11 year-olds.'

Despite the company's strong performance in 2012 and better than forecast financial results, Kotick expressed his concern for how 2013 will pan out. He acknowledged that it will be a transition year away from the current console generation and that there will be 'new threats from unproven business models' and 'new category entrants' to content with.

According to Activision, Skylanders is continuing to be a rousing success as a line of toys, outperforming both Star Wars and Transformers merchandise lines combined. The success has seemingly attracted the attention of Disney, which is gearing up to launch a similar setup with Disney Infinity.

By the end of 2012, Nintendo reported that the Wii U had sold just over three million units, a much lower number than expected causing the company to reduce sales projections for 2013 by 17%.

The launch of the new console was met with a general positive vibe from the games media community, although the release was tainted by several people encountering technical faults with their machines and by the large day one patch that was required to get the box up and running.


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Griffter 8th February 2013, 12:08 Quote
but ofcos!
GoodBytes 9th February 2013, 01:47 Quote
Well what do you expect? A half ass Call Of Duty port with 0 advantages over the other consoles, beside the game pad implementation (sadly not enough for people to switch consoles as all their friends have XBox 360's or PS3's).

Ubisoft also back stab Nintendo. Rayman Legends was pushed back and back and back, despite having everything functional, and now decided to push it all the way at the end of the year to have a simultaneous release with the XBox 360 and PS3.
This made people very angry on Ubisoft channel on the WiiU:
SexyHyde 9th February 2013, 01:51 Quote
Well, I said I would get a WiiU once Rayman Legends came out. As soon as I heard of the further delay I went out and built myself an itx gaming pc for the living room. Not really that bothered about Activision TBH apart from Rayman i'm with the boycott and I'll now do what I did with Rayman Origins and thats wait till its in the bargain bin. You withhold what I want (Rayman) and I'll withhold what you want (money).
thil 9th February 2013, 15:34 Quote

As far as I'm concerned, if you're pissing off Kotick, you're doing the right thing.
Elton 9th February 2013, 20:35 Quote
Bodes bad news for the WiiU.

That said, it's demise has been greatly exaggerated. The device has sold actually rather well. Although it doesn't seem to be gaining traction in developer circles.

Also, it's about 3x faster than current consoles anyways.
do_it_anyway 10th February 2013, 12:00 Quote
Wait! Has the WiiU been launched?
Didn't even register on my radar.
GoodBytes 10th February 2013, 15:05 Quote
Originally Posted by do_it_anyway
Wait! Has the WiiU been launched?
Didn't even register on my radar.

lol, yes.
In sum, its pretty neat and cool. It works above and beyond, 0 lag, the games kinda show case the WiiU, however with the exception of ZombiU (which is an OK game... pretty good for a third party lunch game, but definitely not a AAA game), the other third party games doesn't show case really the WiiU, they are just quick ports. MassEffect 3 uses the screen for extra buttons and larger maps, which i since idea for quick switch and avoid menus, but the entire game was a rush port and charges 60$ for. So not interesting. Call Of Duty, Black Ops 2 really shows the possibilities with the WiiU with full map with location of everyone, extra buttons, on the go screen, each player their own screen, as option modes to pick, and excellent implementation of Wiimote + numchuck control if you want this, looks looks kick-ass as it's like a mouse, you point and shoot, and it's packed with calibration options to adjust everything. The only other game on the Wii that kind of control was the very successful Metroid Prime 3. You can really the dev team had a blast working with the WiiU. Sadly, Black Ops 2 is an unfinished port, pushed released by Activation hands. I am sure if they dev team had 1-2 month more, the game would have been equal to the other console, and maybe 3-6 month more, it would have been definitely the far better version, as it would allow the game to actually have more polygons and high res textures. You also have Scriblenauts too, which looks like fun as you can actually use the touch screen on the controller to type, the games looks like its a fun puzzle type game, has good reviews.

In sum, good console, lots of potentials. Cool games for release at day 1 games, but nothing that really says "I must buy the console now", type of game yet.

However, they are pretty cool games on it coming, which looks very promising:

Platinum Games - The Wonderful 101:

Platinum Games - Bayonetta 2

LEGO City: Undercover (game making fun of GTA, and various other games.. first lego game that got me intrested to be honest)

Game with no name from Monolith Soft (Nintendo studio - New IP):

and more.
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