Sim City getting an educational release

Sim City getting an educational release

The first SimCity title appeared on the gaming scene in 1989.

EA is releasing a version of Sim City especially designed for educational purposes.

SimCityEDU will be intended as a resource for teachers who want to use the tool to help encourage interest in science, maths, technology and engineering based subjects.

It will be built around helping teachers base lesson plans around the challenges facing modern cities and aims to help children develop leadership skills through urban planning, environmental management and socio-economic development.

To build the title, EA has worked in conjunction with GlassLab, a design studio that focuses on learning through video games.

The classic city building sim is gearing up for the release of the latest iteration in the series, confusingly titled SimCity, which is scheduled to drop on March 5.

'We want to up the ante of SimCity’s educational influence,' said EA Maxis general manager and senior vice-president Lucy Bradshaw. 'For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging videogame that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay,'

Minecraft has also proved to be a popular classroom tool. Much like the plans for SimCityEDU, a specially modded version of the game, MinecraftEdu, has been created by a small team across the US and Finland alongside Mojang itself. The project consists of features that make it easier to use in a classroom environment and Mojang has agreed to half the price of the game if it is being bought for educational purposes.


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hughwi 21st January 2013, 11:31 Quote
even at half price, its still too expensive!
schmidtbag 21st January 2013, 14:49 Quote
i'm surprised this wasn't done with SC4. There's some aspects that SC4 has that are more realistic than this new one, but there's some things the new game has that are more realistic than SC4.
LightningPete 22nd January 2013, 15:29 Quote
Originally Posted by hughwi
even at half price, its still too expensive!

Am sorry but what? No price is mentioned and you can not really compare it to previous releases as this is an educational version (of the newest release presumably) and you do not know the retail price of that?

I think its an excellent idea - stimulus for the minds of the new generation of kids needs something that interests them in human geography, science, business and engineering alike. We seem to have to many people doing pretty much mundane careers in health and beauty et al and not many people with skills many economies now need.
mattbailey 23rd January 2013, 17:17 Quote
Was this just copied and pasted from some PR agency? The UK release is March 8th not 5th!
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