Space Hulk going digital

Space Hulk going digital

The most recent edition of the board game fetches a high price on eBay and comes highly recommended by board game enthusiasts.

Games Workshop's tense space-dungeon crawling board game Space Hulk set in the grim-dark Warhammer 40,000 universe is making its way to PC, Mac and iOS next year.

The title will be a 3D digital representation of the board game and will feature single player and competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes will interestingly be available cross platform.

The game's single player will run to 12 missions pitting players against genestealer AI. It will also come with a level editor to allow players to share their own creations and downloadable content has already been planned.

The title is being developed by Denmark-based studio Full Control which has used a similar 3D tactical turn based engine in its previous titles Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising and Frontline Tactics.

'Since playing the board game decades ago I have always wanted to recreate this slice of Warhammer 40,000 as a computer game,' said Full Control chief executive Thomas Hentschel Lund. 'As huge fans of the Space Hulk board game and the Warhammer 40,000 universe in general, we are delighted that Games Workshop has given us the opportunity to work with this iconic license.'

Space Hulk was initially released as a board game in 1989 and has had several physical editions, most recently launching in 2009 as a much coveted limited edition box set. It also already made the transition to a digital format back in 1993, releasing on PC and Amiga systems.

THQ also still holds the rights to make games in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and last week, Games Workshop granted The Creative Assembly a license to work with the Fantasy counterpart to the IP.


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GeorgeK 11th December 2012, 10:16 Quote
Cannot wait for this - hope they manage to capture the tension that I felt playing the board game :D
Tyrmot 11th December 2012, 10:35 Quote
This is a Good Thing.
XXAOSICXX 11th December 2012, 10:52 Quote
Can't wait :)
goldstar0011 11th December 2012, 12:15 Quote
Had this on the Sega Saturn years ago!
Phil Rhodes 11th December 2012, 12:54 Quote
I was gonna say.

Space Hulk "went digital" in the early 90s. I spent considerably too much time playing it.
sotu1 11th December 2012, 13:09 Quote
I was disappointed by Tactical Soldier FrontLine so I really hope they improve their game. Excited by the IP, but so diappointed by the developer. Wuld have preferred this go to Rodeo who are doing the Warhammer (non 40k) game.

Shame that THQ can't pick up on this with the Relic team.
Blademrk 11th December 2012, 13:18 Quote
Spent a fair bit of time playing the PS1 incarnation of the game too.
RedFlames 11th December 2012, 13:59 Quote
The bit-tech article, whilst informative, is nowhere near as eloquently worded as the RPS article
chimaera 11th December 2012, 14:29 Quote
As a fan of the boardgame that has wanted something like this on an iPad* for ages I'm really pleased

*I know about Hunters, but I want multiplayer as well :)
GeorgeK 11th December 2012, 15:12 Quote
Originally Posted by RedFlames
The bit-tech article, whilst informative, is nowhere near as eloquently worded as the RPS article

I lol'd hard

+rep good sir, +rep indeed ;)
PingCrosby 11th December 2012, 17:05 Quote
I nearly burnt out my Amiga 1200 playing this, loved it
XXAOSICXX 11th December 2012, 22:11 Quote
Originally Posted by PingCrosby
I nearly burnt out my Amiga 1200 playing this, loved it

Ditto :)
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