Total War dev wins Warhammer license

Total War dev wins Warhammer license

Previous developers using the Warhammer IP include Mindscape, Mythic and Black Hole Entertainment.

The Creative Assembly has picked up the rights to Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy war gaming intellectual property.

The developer responsible for the Total War series has set up a special team to work on the franchise. The first title from the studio is scheduled for 'beyond 2013'.

'We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before. We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that videogamers will absolutely love,' said Creative Assembly studio director Tim Heaton.

The Creative Assembly is also working on an untitled project using the Alien franchise and is also working on Total War: Rome II which is due for release in October 2013.

The rights to Games Workshop's science fiction counterpart, Warhammer 40,000, still remains with THQ, which has been outputting s steady stream of titles set in the universe through Relic Entertainment. The studio is currently developing Dark Millenium alongside Vigil Games, a title that has started life as an MMO but may have now transitioned to a single player title following financial complications faced by THQ.

Warhammer has made its way to the gaming world before through several incarnations, including classic RTS Shadow of the Horned Rat and MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Warhammer universe has also been a source of inspiration for developers in the past. Blizzard's original Warcraft real time strategy title was initially modelled on the Warhammer world with the intention of obtaining the Warhammer license. When that failed to happen, Blizzard instead made a few changes to forge its own intellectual property.


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blacko 7th December 2012, 09:54 Quote
they should have went for starship troopers rather than aliens....
impar 7th December 2012, 10:35 Quote

Might be interesting.
sotu1 7th December 2012, 11:26 Quote
The phrase you're looking for is Total Warhammer.
Lance 7th December 2012, 11:28 Quote
Warhammer Total War you mean.....

Or Orc Total War maybe? That would be amazing, they could do different factions for the single player like in shogun total war.
impar 7th December 2012, 11:31 Quote

DLC fest...
mi1ez 7th December 2012, 14:07 Quote
I can think of worse devs for it to go to!
MightyBenihana 7th December 2012, 14:08 Quote
Please be 40k
mi1ez 7th December 2012, 15:03 Quote
Originally Posted by AlphaAngel
Please be 40k

They say in the article this is only Warhammer and that 40k is with THQ
Bloodburgers 7th December 2012, 15:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Lance
Warhammer Total War you mean.....

Or Orc Total War maybe? That would be amazing, they could do different factions for the single player like in shogun total war.

Are you sure you dont mean "Orc Total WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH."
paisa666 7th December 2012, 19:29 Quote

but yeah... 40K would be epic!!!!
jimmyjj 7th December 2012, 19:32 Quote
This could be great!
Guinevere 7th December 2012, 19:53 Quote
Originally Posted by paisa666
40K would be epic!!!!

Technically Epic is 40K not 40K is epic ;)
Jedibeeftrix 8th December 2012, 12:37 Quote
i am delighted, love total-war games and think warhammer will be an excellent franchise to fit in brand.

but, please, please, make it a total-war game and not one of their appalling console rts/rpg games!
Roskoken 8th December 2012, 13:05 Quote
**** yes, a warhammer RTS we finally deserve
Dreyrden 8th December 2012, 13:31 Quote
I was thinking. "Total War-hammer"
tristanperry 8th December 2012, 13:47 Quote
Sounds awesome :) Would prefer 40K, but this should be amazing too.
demastes 8th December 2012, 23:31 Quote
think 40k would be very hard to do, but WFB...... i can not wait, please be "Total War-hammer"
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