Epic Games president Mike Capps steps down

Epic Games president Mike Capps steps down

Epic Games' president Mike Capps is to step down in order to spend more time with his wife and soon-to-be-born son.

Epic Games has lost another long-term member of staff as president Mike Capps has announced his semi-retirement in order to spend time with his soon-to-be-born child.

Capps' wife, Julianne, is currently pregnant with Capps' son, and the news has caused Capps to re-examine his priorities. 'I’m fortunate that with Epic’s success and generosity, I can be a stay at home dad for a while,' Capps wrote in a statement on the Epic Games website. 'My wife Julianne and I are very happy in Raleigh, and other than cleaning up baby barf, I don’t have much planned. I might do some teaching, spend more time on creative writing, and maybe get more active with a few charities.'

Although Capps has described the move as a sort of retirement on social networking service Twitter, he will still be involved in the company. 'After dedicating a decade of my life to Epic, and with so many close friends here, it’s impossible to just walk away. I absolutely love this company. If you cut me, I think I probably bleed nanoblack and Imulsion. Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and other board members asked me to stay on the board, and I’m thrilled to do so as I’m truly excited about our future games and Unreal Engine 4.'

In his new role, Capps will provide advice and consultancy to the company but will no longer be responsible for managing its decisions. Thus far, no successor has been named with newcomer Paul Meegan and vice president of operations John Farnsworth both stepping up to take over Capps' responsibilities in the interim.

'As a member of the board, I’ll help keep the ship pointed directly towards Na Pali, and make sure that everything we do is Epic,' Capps claimed in his closing statement.

Capps is the second long-term employee to leave Epic in recent months, following the announcement back in October that Cliff 'CliffyB' Bleszinski was to leave the company after twenty years as a designer and outspoken figurehead.


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Griffter 5th December 2012, 12:02 Quote
mmm wonder whats going on... maybe the unreal engine 4 is a bust since many ppl, myself included, was very disappointed with the "big" UE4 reveal not even looking as good as UE43... granted it was focused on particle stuff. mmmmm maybe IMHO
Bede 6th December 2012, 13:28 Quote
mmmm learn to write like you're an adult. The engine will be good, it has an excellent team working on it. Whether it is successful is down to the games that use it.
Roskoken 6th December 2012, 14:10 Quote
Probably working on something with Cliff Bleszinski
Elton 6th December 2012, 16:19 Quote
I think it's just one of those times. Many people from the "old era" have retired from making games as it is. Given that it's a pretty cutthroat business anyhow, him stepping down after all those years isn't that bad.
ssj12 6th December 2012, 19:19 Quote
Mike is a good guy, I've worked with him and Mark when at VGChartz covering news on UE3 and the like. Mike is not one to hold back and not state the legit reason for his actions so it is highly likely family is completely the reason.
Griffter 7th December 2012, 08:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Bede
mmmm learn to write like you're an adult. The engine will be good, it has an excellent team working on it. Whether it is successful is down to the games that use it.

im sorry my first language is not English. Must be great living in your ignorant, small minded world where everyone speaks and writes "your" language.
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