Xbox 360 shifts 750,000 units in Black Friday week

Xbox 360 shifts 750,000 units in Black Friday week

The sales figures have been partly attributed to the recent release of Halo 4.

The Xbox 360 has sold 750,000 units during Black Friday week in the US, outpacing the newly launched Wii U by almost double.

By comparison, Nintendo's new console sold 400,000 units during the same week. Sales of the seven-year-old console were driven by Halo 4 and discounted Kinect bundles. Microsoft also managed to sell 50% more Xbox Live gold subscription cards compared to the Black Friday week in 2011.

Following the sales, more than 14 million people logged into Xbox Live on the Sunday. Additionally, the overall figures could be even higher as they do not include data from the weekend following Black Friday or any Cyber Monday deals.

Although higher than the Wii U's sales figures, this could have been down to a limited supply of Nintendo's new machine. Compared to 2011's sales figures, the Microsoft console has seen a decline with 2011's Black Friday week shifting 960,000 Xbox 360s.

The bundles that attracted consumers included an Amazon deal including a Kinect sensor, two games, five Xbox Live Arcade downloads and $10 in Amazon Instant Video credit that quickly sold out.

It is expected that the Xbox 360 is coming to the end of its lifespan with rumours circulating that Microsoft might be launching a successor to the Xbox 360 next year.

The Wii U has been seen as the first herald of the next console generation. Earlier this week, Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot stated that the current longer-than-usual console generation has worked to stifle creativity in the games industry.


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Ch33sefiend 28th November 2012, 10:10 Quote
Unsurprising really. They're so cheap these days and still offer some great fun (when they don't die, that is.)
wafflesomd 28th November 2012, 10:22 Quote
I considered picking one up recently but remember that I have a great gaming pc.
LordPyrinc 29th November 2012, 05:25 Quote
I still play Skyrim, even though it's just over a year old. I have a couple of friends that I talked into buying it many months ago. The first bought it on the PS3, the second one for the XBOX 360. The graphics looked good on the PS3, better on the XBOX 360, and superior on the PC. (Not to mention the plethora of Skyrim mods that can be downloaded on Steam for the PC)

I haven't owned a console since Super Nintendo because of the scalability of a PC. Before moving to a 64bit Windows I could still run games that i purchased in the 90s. Even now, I can run all but the oldest games on Windows 7. There is only one or two that I would even care to run, but I have a backup computer and a laptop if I want to run those.

I never really got onto the Halo bandwagon, although I have a PC version of the first Halo laying around somewhere (it was a gift). I definitely wouldn't waste my money on an end of life console just to play Halo4.
Xtheblackfox 29th November 2012, 12:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Ch33sefiend
Unsurprising really. They're so cheap these days and still offer some great fun (when they don't die, that is.)

Since the die shrink with considerably less heat output. xboxs since falcon rarely fail
goldstar0011 29th November 2012, 13:16 Quote
I've just got a 2nd 360 for free, non HDMI edition, least can system link now but I expect this to die one day
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