Molyneux launches Project Godus Kickstarter

Molyneux launches Project Godus Kickstarter

The original god game, Populous, was released more than 22 years ago.

Peter Molyneux has launched a Kickstarter project aiming to reinvent the god game genre.

Project Godus is asking for £450,000 of funding and the title is due for release on PC and mobile devices in September 2013. Depending on how successful the Kickstarter project is, it might also be taken to additional platforms.

Molyneux's studio, 22 Cans, is intending to bring the god game genre into the modern era and make the most of modern technology. Molyneux is credited with creating the genre in the first place with Populous whilst at the iconic Bullfrog Productions.

'Populous was created over 22 years ago, and we believe that to date, nothing has come close to emulating its powerfully godlike experience,' reads the Kickstarter pitch.

As a hint of how the game will play, the studio claims it is aiming to combine the scope, growth and power of Populous with the construction and multiplayer elements of Dungeon Keeper.

'What I would love to do is go back to those glory days of Bullfrog, go back to when we focused ultimately on the game play,' said Molyneux. 'I don't want to promise anything, I just want to deliver the glory of the old days in the new format of today's world.'

Available backer packages range from £5 to £5,000 with rewards including making of features, in game pets, a personalised title screen and your name placed in 22 Cans' mobile experiment, Curiosity. Backers putting down £5000 will also receive a VIP ticket to E3.

Guildford-based 22 Cans was founded in March this year after Molyneux left Fable-studio Lionhead. Its first title, the experimental Curiosity: What's inside the cube? has been unexpectedly popular and with the developers astonished to see up to 500,000 trying to access their servers simultaneously.

Godus will be the studio's second title and is the project that Molyneux has previously referred to as "Cooperation" during interviews.


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Draksis 22nd November 2012, 09:23 Quote
it is aiming to combine the scope, growth and power of Populous with the construction and multiplayer elements

:D :'( :)

GuilleAcoustic 22nd November 2012, 09:43 Quote
Waaaaaaant !! Populous on Amiga was awesome :D
Guinevere 22nd November 2012, 10:22 Quote
It's going to be absolutely amazing! Why? Because it has the Molyneux name attached!

And he's never ever wrong! Everything he's ever touched has been the best it could possibly be, and amazed us all.

The guy is so full of win it's totally insane, and it's no wonder he runs the entire gaming industry with one hand tied behind his back.

mi1ez 22nd November 2012, 10:36 Quote
I hope it comes with cube integration...
Shirty 22nd November 2012, 11:43 Quote
Molyneux aside, Populous was such an awesome game.
.//TuNdRa 22nd November 2012, 12:01 Quote
This is why I'm of two minds about this. Firstly; It's basically more Populous. I'd happily sacrifice a few people to dark lords to get more of those games, simply because they were so good, on the other hand: It's a Molyneux game, and his later offerings haven't been amazing. I'm looking at you, Fable: The Journey.

I dunno. I'm going to wait till I've seen more before I commit one-way or another.
Shirty 22nd November 2012, 12:10 Quote
Molyneux is part of that infamous club of devs and designers from the late 80s/early 90s who were just so awesome with the limited resources of gaming machines back then, and none of whom have really shone in the same way since.

Basically, his early awesomeness set the bar incredibly high, and he failed to keep the momentum as the tech became more powerful, despite still displaying visionary qualities.
skpstr 22nd November 2012, 12:25 Quote
Populous and Dungeon Keeper all wrapped up in one package. It does sound too good to be true!
m4rk3d 22nd November 2012, 12:59 Quote
So, Peter Molyneux, as well-established a name as one could find in the games industry, is asking his fans to take on the risks of his new project. A guy who, for the last decade, has over-promised and under-delivered wants my hard-earned cash to fund his latest venture.

Does anyone honestly believe that Molyneux couldn't get the backing anywhere else?

Kickstarter should be for devs to bring us the games that they can't get funded by publishers/banks etc. With Braben and now Molyneux now using it to float their latest little pet project it just cheapens the Kickstarter ideal, as well as taking money from other devs who really can't get the funding.

**** Molyneux and his little Kickstarter pet project. It's a vile, cynical way for him to fund his game. Next week, I guess it will be Activision and EA begging for our cash to avoid them having to take a risk on a game or two. And if we reward Molyneux and the like for doing this, it's nothing less than we deserve.
steveo_mcg 22nd November 2012, 13:41 Quote
Kickstarter does seem to become all about transferring risk to the user, if it fails you might get your money back but its unlikely if its a run away success the backer is not going to see any of this upside. For a small indie dev I have less issue with this but as above Molyneux could surely get backing elsewhere. The argument could be made for more creative control away from the big publishers but again Molyneux must be able to negotiate his own terms by now.
Yemerich 22nd November 2012, 14:16 Quote
What about a dungeon keeper style game?
i want that TOO!...
Roskoken 22nd November 2012, 16:04 Quote
Dont think ill be giving Molyneux my money to join him on the road of broken promises.
Joey Propane 22nd November 2012, 21:01 Quote
'I don't want to promise anything, I just want to deliver the glory of the old days in the new format of today's world.'

That sounds awfully close to a promise Mr Molyneux.

Not that it matters, i'm way to cynical too believe anything he could produce nowadays would be worth spending money on (same goes for John Carmack and John Romero).
MiNiMaL_FuSS 23rd November 2012, 08:24 Quote
Peter Molyneux comes out of the woodwork to introduce yet more mad promises he can't fulfill! *sigh*

No doubt he can afford to bank-roll this himself if he wanted to and if he had that much faith in his usual bullcrap.

Sod off Peter.
borandi 23rd November 2012, 22:37 Quote
After Curiosity fell flat on its face with server issues from day one and the company 'asking for donations' to help improve the server situation, Moly can royally go roger himself.
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