EA denies Origin hack

EA denies Origin hack

EA states that it has no reason to believe its databases have been hacked despite the number of cases reported.

EA is denying that its digital distribution service, Origin, has been compromised.

According to Eurogamer, several Origin accounts have been hijacked with several people receiving emails stating that their password or email address have been successfully changed without these users requesting such a change.

The email sent out does not however offer any information as to what the email address or password has been changed too.

Several similar cases from the EA support forum have been documented by a thread on NeoGAF. Those approaching EA to help resolve the issue with its customer service team appear to be getting blocked because they are told that the have their dates of birth wrong.

Although Origin stores credit card information, it does not store quite enough for a hacker to buy games automatically through the account. They would however have complete control over the Origin account and be able to see the home address associated with it.

EA has offered a statement declaring 'at this point, we have no reason to believe there has been any intrusion into our Origin database.'

Although not the result of a hack, last month, EA accidentally issued an infinite Origin voucher as thanks for participating in an online survey.

Origin launched in 2011 as a rival to other digital distribution services including Steam and Desura. It has previously caused controversy with some accusing the platform of spying on the activity of its users and many complaining of instability. A version for iOS and Android mobile platforms is planned for 2013.


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Sc0rian 15th November 2012, 09:30 Quote
come on EA, just give up with it!
RaisorX 15th November 2012, 10:03 Quote
I don't know about EA. They don't seem to be that serious about securing data. When i forget my password, they send the password back to me in plain text.

Not too long ago after BF3 was released, someone had access to my origin account. Origin popped up a message saying that someone had logged into my account, and went in offline mode. While still being in battlelog, it said i just finished a round in less than a minute, while i haven't played for a whole day. I contacted the support, but the only thing they offered was if i want them to reset the password.
workingclass 15th November 2012, 10:45 Quote
Had this happen to me, saw emails in my inbox that my username and password had been changed but no email asking me for any kind of confirmation, nor any sent from me to EA. It was a pain in the ass to resolve and required me to phone EA in Denmark who asked for my cd key in pictures as proof of purchase. Luckily I had the key and the account was restored to me before the hacker could do to much damage. He had erased my friends list and favourite server list in BF3 though and that took some time to restore.

Funniest thing was that when I logged into the battlelog the hacker was still logged in as well, so me and hacker were chatting on battlelog both on my account. He was russian and wrote trololol on my "wall". Funny and annoying at the same time.
hrp8600 15th November 2012, 14:10 Quote
Oh yea they been hacked as the hackers are bypassing the email confirmation part of Origins security.
and if you go through Origins online help/ support it can take 2 weeks to sort things.
I asked all sort of questions when my account got hacked a few weeks ago, but got no answers to my questions.

As ScOrian said come on EA give it up and come clean.
unafraid 15th November 2012, 14:57 Quote
Just Happened to me it took a whole week to sort out and EA help is stupid you need access to your account in order to get help i.e. the one you can't access and need help over. I got asked to provide all sorts of ridiculous information like a picture of the proof of purchase, a picture of the case, a picture of the code. It goes throuigh some stupid centre in India who don't seem to have a clue. In the end contacted EA in Denmark to get it sorted.
MSHunter 16th November 2012, 09:36 Quote
Just do this:
phone up with your details ready:
Serial Key for game registered on account, if you bought something in origin your order number and card details ready. They will try to verify you are account holder. if you pass then they reset account without much fuss. (been through it, was not bad service)
hrp8600 16th November 2012, 18:46 Quote
MSHunter, next time try it without a phone .
online sevice is very very poor.

instead of being happy you got good service on phone, ask your self how come
you lost yuo account in the first place , do a quick search
then ask yourself how come EA are having such a big problem with hacked accounts ?
leexgx 17th November 2012, 18:00 Quote
Serial Key for game registered on account

most of my games are online payed for not sure how that would help me recover my account if it was stolen

my ip for the most part is static unless I change the router but I norm just put my old mac address back in so I keep my old ip, could use that to verify my account or card details

guessing poor reset info is why email can be changed
leexgx 17th November 2012, 18:02 Quote
oi with the lame blackberry popup ad on an mobile device
SlowMotionSuicide 17th November 2012, 18:03 Quote
From the Corporate Handbook of Public Relations:
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