Players sue Blizzard for data hacks

Players sue Blizzard for data hacks

Blizzard's faced two serious security breaches this year but responded quickly and informed players of the incidents.

Blizzard Entertainment is facing a class action lawsuit from a pair of disgruntled gamers who claim that Blizzard has not done enough to protect player data.

Referencing security breaches in May and August, they accuse Blizzard of making millions by selling account authenticators without properly safeguarding player information. They estimate that Blizzard has made approximately $26m through the sale of the authenticator key-chain.

The lawsuit is requesting damages and an injunction to prevent Blizzard from forcing players to create a account to play its non-MMO games.

Responding to the lawsuit, Blizzard told Gamesindustry International that it was [i]'filled with patently false information'[i] and that there seemed to be some misunderstanding as to what the authenticator was for.

The account authenticators help to protect players' account details outside of Blizzard's network infrastructure from things like phishing attacks, key-loggers and other forms of malicious code. They have nothing to do with the type of security breaches the company has faced earlier this year, referenced in the lawsuit.

The authenticator can be bought as a physical dongle for £8.99, or downloaded as a free app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It allows for a two-stage account verification process when logging in and is only a compulsory requirement if a player uses Diablo 3's real money auction house.

Blizzard states that it has committed to defending the lawsuit rigorously through the appropriate legal channels.

The fourth expansion to Blizzard's flagship MMO, World of Warcraft launched in September and has helped the eight-year-old online game's subscriber numbers rise again to just over 10 million.


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Mraedis 12th November 2012, 08:18 Quote
You seem to have missed a slash there with the italics.
dyzophoria 12th November 2012, 08:22 Quote
lol, security breache"s"? from what I remember blizzard only had one... this year. clearly we have 2 disgruntled wow players here who Im guessing lost some items on their characters lol , don't get me wrong, I don't like the online nature of blizzard games nowadays (yet still I play them), but "OBVIOUS" idiots are obvious
Griffter 12th November 2012, 12:07 Quote
these guys seem to be diablo players, they said non-mmo games, which rules out WoW.. so either starcraft 2 or diablo. 99% they diablo players. grumpy of how crap the game is me thinks :-) IMHO
Draksis 12th November 2012, 12:17 Quote
Due to the fact that this stems from thier accounts getting hacked - I don't think the gold farmers are interested in screwing with your SC2 ranking - so ya D3 items + gold lost. So these retards think they can rage sue Blizzard?!

Life sucks, wear a helmet!
leexgx 12th November 2012, 13:51 Quote
the authenticator can be used for free if you have an iPhone android or windows phone,

the device costs them money as well , I am quite sure they have made more money from monthly wow accounts then the one off authenticator device

I agree with Blizzard here the security breach has nothing to do with the auth devices
Kiytan 12th November 2012, 14:57 Quote
according to the RockPaperShotgun article about this story, there was some rumors that during the attacks they suffered the smartphone authenticators may have been "compromised". It also still amazes me that blizzard games have passwords that aren't case sensitive (at least certainly not for Diablo III, not too sure about other games)

Having said all of that, it's still a rubbish law suit and blizzard have more than enough money to throw at it to beat it.
Shirty 12th November 2012, 15:03 Quote
Shouldn't players be suing Blizzard for not releasing a spiritual sequel to Diablo 2?
Griffter 12th November 2012, 15:29 Quote
i play SC2 and that also is not case sensitive. i also thought that was actually very crappy thing from them not to do if they doing everything possible to ensure security.
knuck 12th November 2012, 19:51 Quote
I still havent tried to recover my account with sc2 and d3 on it. I'm so lazy it's pathetic lol

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