Skyrim Dragonborn revealed and set for release

Skyrim Dragonborn revealed and set for release

Dragonborn will be the third expansion for the nearly-year-old Skyrim.

Players will be able to saddle up a dragon of their own in Skyrim's next confirmed piece of downloadable content.

The Dragonborn expansion also returns to Solthseim, the small island to the north of Morrowind that was featured in the third Elder Scrolls games' add on, Bloodmoon.

The plot will revolve around a new antagonist referred to as the Dragonbeast, referred to as the first of the Dragonborn, as he attempts to return to the island and consume all the dragons he can along the way.

Other features that had previously been speculated from the Skyrim patch 1.8 beta source code back in October also appear to be present in the upcoming DLC, with spears making a debut as a new weapon type in the game and bone armour making an appearance.

Dragonborn is slated for a December 4 release on Xbox 360 with no dates yet announced for a PC or Playstation 3 release.

Bethesda trademarked the name Dragonborn in September and a model of the island to the north of Morrowind has been viewable in Skyrim since the game's launch. Dragonborn will be the game's third expansion following the vampire themed Dawnguard and the home-building themed Hearthfire.

First released in November 2011, Skyrim was a huge critical and commercial success, managing to ship more than 7 million units within its first week. On release day, Steam reported that more than 230,000 players were running the game concurrently.


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Almightyrastus 6th November 2012, 13:14 Quote
Woooohooo Been waiting for flying mounts. Solstheim should be good as well, I never really explored it too much when I was playing through Morrowind.
suragh 6th November 2012, 13:15 Quote
The expansions keep getting more interesting, I must start playing again!
Durd 6th November 2012, 15:30 Quote
Eugh, another exclusivity period for xbox....

Apparently it's going to be 1600 MSP, what's that in real money? Dawnguard was a rip-off for what you got.
Almightyrastus 6th November 2012, 21:16 Quote
mikemorton 6th November 2012, 21:44 Quote
I think I've been playing Skyrim wrong, taking on any and all missions that come my way.

After 270 hours of gameplay my quest log is as big as ever.

I never thought I'd want less rather than more from a game.

I'm scared of buying any DLC as it might just exaggerate my sense of non-accomplishment.

Am I alone in feeling this way?

I suppose the easy answer is stick to the main quests and forget everything else.
Almightyrastus 6th November 2012, 21:56 Quote
Nah, you're doing it right. I am still on my first character (103 hours, I get on as and when I can) and have been going through everything I can find. I will jump on for a while with the aim to do something specific and pick up a few side quests along the way and find myself going off on a tangent all over the place before logging off having not done what I was going to in the first place.

There's always next time...
Tyr 6th November 2012, 22:58 Quote
BTW my wife has a complaint about this.

She tutted upon seeing 'Solthseim'.

She says that I must point out you misspelled it and it should read 'Solstheim' and inform you that as gamers you must bow your heads in shame.
SpAceman 6th November 2012, 23:11 Quote
I still haven't picked a side for the civil war. I have done a crazy amount of sidequests though. Granted it has been a while since I have played due to being crazy busy with uni and now my motherboard has passed away so once my exams are over and I am on my super long summer break I might not be getting back up and gaming for a few weeks.
SighMoan 7th November 2012, 20:47 Quote
Originally Posted by mikemorton
I think I've been playing Skyrim wrong, taking on any and all missions that come my way.
Ah it's not just me then.
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