Descent to Unreal engine conversion surfaces

Descent to Unreal engine conversion surfaces

Descent was first released in 1994. Interplay is still planning a version for Wiiware.

An ambitious modder is aiming to recreate classic free-moving-shooter Descent in Unreal Engine 3.

The project, working title Descent to UDK, has already shown progress and modder Max states he has already plugged in the movement controls, projectiles, spawn points and basic robot AI for two types of drones.

The scope of the remake will include the original story, the original levels, remodled and animated robots with advanced AI and a high-detailed ship model with a 3D cockpit view. He is also considering developing new weapons to sit alongside the set from the original.

On the mod's site, Max stresses that the project has only just started and has offered to open it up as a community project, asking for any fellow Descent fans to contact him if they want to contribute. He has already had a significant response.

'Just a few hours after publishing this website, I have received more mail and YouTube comments than I could ever imagine,' said Max. 'It will definitely be a big drive to continue.'

The original Descent was developed by Parallax Software and published by Interplay in 1994. It received two sequels and various entries of the series were ported onto the Playstation and N64.

Interplay still owns the Descent trademark and back in 2010 announced there was a version heading to Wiiware.


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MjFrosty 5th November 2012, 10:37 Quote
I was linked their home page last week. Descent is one of my all time favourites. Both one and two came out when I was in the pinnacle of my youth.

I put it down to the high requirements at the time, that this isn't remembered as well as Doom for the ingenuity
mi1ez 5th November 2012, 13:57 Quote
Nexxo 5th November 2012, 14:00 Quote
Epic! One of my all-time favorites. I used to play it with a SpaceOrb controller which was perfect for the 3-axis roll and strife movements.
LordPyrinc 6th November 2012, 00:50 Quote
I remember playing Descent 2 in college. A copy of it was buried amongst the other files on one of the required Engineering college software discs. May have been just a demo, but had quite a few levels and I did enjoy playing it. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.
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