Microsoft drops PEGI 18 game ban from Windows 8

Microsoft drops PEGI 18 game ban from Windows 8

Games like Dishonored will soon be available in the Windows Marketplace, following Microsoft's decision to relax a ban on PEGI 18-rated titles.

Microsoft has officially scrapped rules that prevented games with an 18 rating from the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) programme from being listed in the Windows Marketplace.

Announced ahead of today's Windows 8 launch, Microsoft's rules stated that games rated above PEGI 16 would not be eligible for listing on the integrated digital distribution service, along with games rated above Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in the US.

Microsoft's desire to keep grot away from PCs is understandable, but humanity's predilection for violence and mayhem means that a majority of triple-A titles launched today meet PEGI 18 or ESRB Mature guidelines - banning games such as Dishonored, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Bioshock from being sold through the store in Europe thanks to PEGI 18 ratings, despite their lower ESRB rating meaning they could be sold in the US.

That confusing scenario is now no more, with Microsoft officially announcing that games with a PEGI 18 rating can be listed and sold so long as they meet the criteria for an ESRB Mature rating. Those that go beyond such levels, hitting the rare ESRB Adults Only rating, will still be banned world-wide.

Sadly for those picking up a copy of Windows 8 today, it's going to take some time for the change to take place with Gizmodo stating that it won't come into effect until December after which publishers will be free to list their PEGI 18 material.


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B1GBUD 26th October 2012, 11:08 Quote
Common sense prevails

lp1988 26th October 2012, 11:25 Quote
Valve is properly quite disappointed in this decision
Phalanx 26th October 2012, 11:31 Quote
I'm sure Gabe will take the time to lay into Microsoft for making a sensible decision... Queue Valve-lovers in 3... 2... 1...
mi1ez 26th October 2012, 11:34 Quote
Well, Microsoft have to do something sensible to calm the backlash!
[PUNK] crompers 26th October 2012, 13:12 Quote
since dishonored has steamworks would be interesting to see whether they will sell such a steam-centric title
Griffter 26th October 2012, 13:53 Quote
wafflesomd 26th October 2012, 15:15 Quote
Originally Posted by B1GBUD
Common sense prevails


There's no such thing as common sense
GoodBytes 26th October 2012, 17:23 Quote
It was clearly a miss communication error. Because they probably said no Adult games from the ESRB rating which is 18+ in North America. Where 18+ games here are pretty much porn games. Like even The Witcher 2 or extremely gory games are only Mature. So it got translated to no PEGI 18 games.

Glad that was fix rapidly, and just in time by not affecting anyone or developers.
sstteevveenn 27th October 2012, 20:23 Quote
Originally Posted by Phalanx
I'm sure Gabe will take the time to lay into Microsoft for making a sensible decision... Queue Valve-lovers in 3... 2... 1...

Hey everybody! he said 3!!
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