XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC detailed

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC detailed

XCOM: Enemy Unknown's first DLC will feature three new maps set and an aerial battle in the skies over China.

2K Games and Firaxis have jointly announced the first downloadable content for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, one of the few franchise reboots in recent years to get our coveted Premium Grade award.

Designed to provide further meat to the single-player campaign, the Slingshot Content Pack - the first of a planned duo of DLC for the game - introduces a new set of linked Council missions in which players will meet an enigmatic Triad operative, divert an alien ship's course and finally do battle in the skies over China. Three new maps are included, a new playable squad character with unique backstory and voice acting is bundled, and players also get access to new character customisation options.

Joining the Slingshot Content Pack is the Elite Soldier Pack, originally provided as a pre-order bonus for the game and now available as a separate purchase. Those who missed out are being given the chance of parting with £3.69 - or 400 Microsoft Points, if you're an Xbox 360 user - to gain access to a character inspired by the original blonde brute from X-COM: UFO Defense, new decoration packs for unit troops and the ability to completely customise the colour and tint of all armour sets in the game.

While extra content is to be welcomed - especially by those who are already on their Nth playthrough of the game - charging for the ability to customise the colour of in-game troops is likely to leave a bad taste in players' mouths. That said, the Elite Soldier Pack is entirely optional - it makes no difference to the game at all, beyond aesthetic changes.

Pricing and a release date for the Slingshot Content Pack have yet to be confirmed, with 2K Games expected to release the content across PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms simultaneously.


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chimaera 24th October 2012, 11:21 Quote
Speaking personally adding 'non-core' content as paid-for DLC doesn't bother me in the slightest. If people want to pay for it then all power to them. I certainly wouldn't though (although in this case I got it as a preorder bonus anyway) - As for the expansion - I'm definitely down with that, although I would have liked to see a co-op campaign - significantly tougher missions with a couple of squads of troops maybe...
Gunsmith 24th October 2012, 11:31 Quote
a co op campaign would be sweet. im all for that .
Griffter 24th October 2012, 14:05 Quote
i got the pre-order and ability to change colour and tint. its more like change the armor look to one other and plenty of tints. so nothing special... except that it really does help me know where my guys are and who can run fwd incase of ambush... hate it when i send the wrong guy fwd and he gets in trouble. so long Arnold Blackegg... 90 kils. what a hero.
Hovis 24th October 2012, 17:14 Quote
I bought the game on pre-order too and saw little or no evidence that the pack was actually there. Unless what's there is, well, it. Feels pretty perfunctory if so. To be honest the customisation seemed counter productive to me anyway, the game seemed to know if I'd invested any time or effort into a character and single them out for a muton bully-ramming.
sotu1 24th October 2012, 23:07 Quote
Is it just me or does 3 maps seem like......not very much?
Lockinvar 25th October 2012, 23:31 Quote
I don't find the additions of this new DLC to be very interesting. It doesn't sound like they're expanding the game in any meaningful way, just adding in a small (3 mission) detour. The new voice set (presumably restricted to that character) is about the most interesting and needed aspect of the entire thing.

What I'd like to see in DLC
- Accented voice sets from most countries in the game - having everyone sound American is really grating.
- More faces and hairstyles or other options to differentiate your troops
- Complete the expanded UFO system that is currently disabled
- As above but with the second play through options - and more of these - to add Game+ customization for fine tuning of difficulty and challenges
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