Dungeon crawler Warhammer Quest heading to iOS

Dungeon crawler Warhammer Quest heading to iOS

Warhammer Quest was the successor to the popular Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest.

Classic dungeon crawling board game Warhammer Quest is making its way to iOS next year in a digital release developed by Rodeo in partnership with Games Workshop.

The iOS exclusive will be a top-down 2D turn-based strategy following four adventurers exploring the Warhammer world. Rodeo will be using its Taurus engine which it has previously deployed in its most recent release, Hunters 2.

The title is scheduled for 2013 and an early build will be debuted at Games Workshop's Games Day convention in Birmingham in September.

'By using our existing engine it means we can really focus on developing the parts of Warhammer Quest that made it such a great table-top game; truly unique hero characters and brutal enemies from across all the Warhammer races,' said Rodeo Games co-founder Laurent Maguire.

Games Workshop has previously worked closely with developers to bring its properties to the digital world including Relic Entertainment, the developer behind the Dawn of War real-time strategy franchise and Mythic, the developer responsible for the Warhammer world's MMO.

'The guys at Rodeo are not only extremely talented developers with a great track record of successful iOS games in their Hunters franchise, but are also huge Warhammer fans,' said Games Workshop head of licensing Jon Gillard.

The original Warhammer Quest board game was released in 1995 as a spin off to the Warhammer tabletop war-game and as a successor to Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest.

Warhammer Quest may seem like an odd choice for the tabletop games company to bring to the digital world as the title was discontinued in 1998 and has not been re-released since. Games Workshop could be attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of dungeon crawler board games shown by Fantasy Flight Games' Descent seeing a second edition earlier this year.


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Paradigm Shifter 22nd August 2012, 10:27 Quote
Have some good memories of WHQ; not so sure it'll translate well into an electronic game... most of the fun was playing with a group of friends.
chimaera 22nd August 2012, 14:07 Quote
I generally find that boardgames translate well to tablet use - Carcassonne is one example of an excellent one. Ticket to Ride would be another but for the lack of Async MP on it :/

Personally I'm holding out for an iOS version of Space Hulk :D
sotu1 23rd August 2012, 12:08 Quote
@Chimaera - I downloaded Hunters for my iphone/ipad - it's actually really good and i recommend it.
Jqim 23rd August 2012, 17:23 Quote
Originally Posted by chimaera
Personally I'm holding out for an iOS version of Space Hulk :D

Space Hulk! also Magic the gathering
chimaera 4th September 2012, 14:15 Quote
Originally Posted by sotu1
@Chimaera - I downloaded Hunters for my iphone/ipad - it's actually really good and i recommend it.

I've heard good things about it - only problem is I want MP - Space Marines vs. Gene Stealers :D
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