C&C: Generals 2 changes, goes free-to-play

C&C: Generals 2 changes, goes free-to-play

Bioware has announced that C&C: Generals 2 will fold into a new larger Command & Conquer.

GamesCom 2012: Bioware and Electronic Arts have announced what was to be Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will now be folded into a larger C&C project.

The larger project, dubbed simply as Command & Conquer, will be free-to-play.

Bioware is describing Command & Conquer as a platform, a service and a client-based game all in the same breath, which doesn't really give us any real information but does point to the fact that the game will be online-based.

The components which were to be Generals 2 will apparently only be a small part of this new Command & Conquer, which will comprise many story-led sections when the platform/service/client-based game launches next year.

Generals 2 (pictured) was set to be built entirely on DICE's Frostbite 2 engine.

Very little extra information on the larger ideas behind Command & Conquer have been released, but we'll be catching up with EA at GamesCom 2012 tomorrow and will report back anything we can.

Until then, let us know what you think in the forums and be sure to check out all our other news from GamesCom 2012.


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XXAOSICXX 15th August 2012, 23:20 Quote
I was really looking foward to Generals I'm not so sure. F2P might as well mean you start off with a tank that you need to spend money on before it gets a .50cal or smoke launcher :p
AndyBradley_0255 16th August 2012, 04:57 Quote
Speaking as an old school massive fan of early C&C games... EA have more or less completely ruined the C&C franchise over recent years, dont get me started on C&C4 and RA3. Im not particularly looking forward to this, although will be interesting to see how it turns out. But as XXAOSICXX stated above and knowing what EA is like, winners will probably end up being those who throw endless £££'s at the game.
JCBeastie 16th August 2012, 05:14 Quote
...and now I'm scared of something awful.
NethLyn 16th August 2012, 07:29 Quote
Shortening my TL DR post;

Many people will have already had a "winner" F2P that they sank money into; in my case, Tribes. Being EA, I bet a large group of gamers would stay F2P and never pay out of spite and being hacked off at having to use Origin.

I'm also worried they will cripple the SP and just make it a training mode for MP as with Battlefield, rather than the properly constructed campaigns we used to get. They must have looked at Activision's ability to re-re-resell maps in packs for CoD and look at that as a revenue stream alongside weapons. We'll find out next Spring. It just takes one guaranteed purchase off the list anyway, so there's only Crysis 3 to pick up in that time of year.
xtoxm 16th August 2012, 09:04 Quote
I hope the single player is as good as the last generals (and like the rest of C&C for that matter) and it doesnt just force you into online stuff. If so, it'll be ruined. Wont pre-order this as im going to wait for reviews and see some game play.

I dont mind using Origin just as i dont mind using Steam it has to be said though.
mi1ez 16th August 2012, 09:06 Quote
it was all about the first Red Alert. Might have to dig it out and give my bro a thrashing at some point...
wuyanxu 16th August 2012, 09:12 Quote
i'm calling it now:
-require Origin
-CommanderLog (CnC version of Battlelog)
-pay for General Premium to play 75% of the content
-singleplayer with RPG elements (Bioware)
-reduced focus on base building (CnC4)
Bloody_Pete 16th August 2012, 10:29 Quote
Bloody_Pete 16th August 2012, 10:29 Quote
Oh, there is no single player either...
Griffter 16th August 2012, 10:49 Quote
ai! was so excited, and now i must pay more for the same game with the free to play sticker on it. insult to injury!
[USRF]Obiwan 16th August 2012, 13:30 Quote
If it has no large single player campaigns it will be the end of a era for me
CorePrime 16th August 2012, 13:37 Quote
Not what I wanted to hear. Fail.
dolphie 16th August 2012, 15:01 Quote
Just make a good C&C you tools :(
D0N 16th August 2012, 20:15 Quote
Gutted, i love C&C but i hate free to play. Id rather by a full game and have everything i need in it. Ruined this for me.
NethLyn none of the battlefield games had a single player campaign until bad company one on
console and bad company two on pc. The single player was just the multiplayer maps with bots before this.
NethLyn 16th August 2012, 20:16 Quote
Originally Posted by [USRF]Obiwan
If it has no large single player campaigns it will be the end of a era for me

+1, I wouldn't even waste electricity and bandwidth to download it if it gets that bad.
D0N 16th August 2012, 20:24 Quote
Was looking forward to this, not now. Definetly end of an era if there is no massive singleplayer campaign. Or maybe even worse if there is but it requires micro transactions to complete the bonus parts of mission.

Also battlefield never had a singleplayer campaign until bad company 2 on pc, the single player before this was just the multiplayer maps with bots.
r4tch3t 17th August 2012, 07:50 Quote
I never played the C & C games online, loved playing the campaigns and playing at LANs, Knowing EA, what wuyanxu said will be true, many stupid restrictions, you need to pay more than what a normal game is worth to play it properly.

However if they release it on Steam F2P and have DLC for the full single player campaigns I may be tempted. God I hate EA.
Anfield 17th August 2012, 09:09 Quote
i'd rip c&c, but for me c&c 4 wad bad enough altrady to not bother with it.
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