Paradox announces Cities in Motion 2

Paradox announces Cities in Motion 2

Cities in Motion 2 will feature new multiplayer modes as well as new design options.

GamesCom 2012: Paradox Interactive has announced Cities in Motion 2 for both PC and Mac at GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

Building on the transit planning focus of its predecessor, Cities in Motion 2 will offer new multiplayer modes, content and co-op features and is planned for a Q2 2013 release.

Like the first game, players will take the role of a transport planner for a city and will be tasked with designing a transit network for real-life cities. New features will include roads with dedicated bus lanes and player-managed timetables.

Says the press release: "By refining and implementing designs for their transit networks, ambitious urban engineers will guide their cities to growth and prosperity while upgrading and maintaining many different vehicle fleets, from buses to ferries to subways."

A Cities in Motion 2 teaser trailer has been released and can be seen below.

Let us know what you think in the forums and be sure to keep a close eye on other news from GamesCom 2012.



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N17 dizzi 14th August 2012, 21:45 Quote
Loved Transport Tycoon. Might give the first a go
Nikumba 15th August 2012, 11:33 Quote
Really need to get back into the first one again.

Also I hope they have tFL permission for those graphics as that is awfully close to a London tube map
Alecto 15th August 2012, 18:06 Quote
Originally Posted by N17 dizzi
Loved Transport Tycoon. Might give the first a go

Open source version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe has been avaliable for free for quite some time now. If you want to reminisce you can find it here:

Be sure to download all the extras (sound packs etc.) as well from the same website, the game comes bare.
N17 dizzi 16th August 2012, 13:41 Quote
Thanks Alecto!
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