Capcom announces Remember Me

Capcom announces Remember Me

At GamesCom 2012 Capcom has announced Remember Me for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

GamesCom 2012: Capcom has announced a new title in a press conference the day before GamesCom 2012, called Remember Me.

Planned for release in May 2013 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Remember Me is being developed by a new French studio called Dontnod.

Though Dontnod is a new studio, the team is comprised of staff who've previously worked on games such as Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell and Burnout.

A first trailer, visible below, has been released for the game.

Interestingly, it seems that Remember Me was shown at GamesCom last year before it was attached to any publisher. Back then it was known as 'Adrift' instead, though we didn't get a chance to see it ourselves.

Check out the trailer below for yourself, then let us know what you think in the forums. You can also check our GamesCom 2012 page for more news from the show.


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Bloodburgers 14th August 2012, 13:53 Quote
Its Got a Deus Ex / Ghost in the Shell feel about it. Like!
liratheal 14th August 2012, 14:39 Quote
I like the feel of the game from that trailer, I just hope it's at least semi-sandbox, a-la Deus Ex, because that would make it an enjoyable game for me.
mi1ez 14th August 2012, 14:41 Quote
I see much potential...
greypilgers 14th August 2012, 15:28 Quote
Reminds me a bit of Oni...
Eiffie 14th August 2012, 21:12 Quote
Originally Posted by greypilgers
Reminds me a bit of Oni...

My thoughts exactly, what a fun game that was. Not perfect but certainly worth it.
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