Notch pushes Schafer for Psychonauts sequel

Notch pushes Schafer for Psychonauts sequel

While not a critical success, there's plenty of demand for a Psychonauts 2 - including from Minecraft creator Notch Persson.

Mojang boss and Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has found a novel use for the money he's made from the indie hit: funding the development of a Psychonauts sequel.

Developed by gaming legend Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts was a commercial failure but a critical success. The game, which sees the player take on the role of psychic adventurer Raz as he enters the minds of a variety of oddball characters, sold poorly despite winning numerous awards for both its PC and console releases.

Although the game was re-released in 2006 on Steam, again in 2009 via Good Old Games and updated in 2011 to support Steamworks functionality, no hint of a sequel has ever appeared. Instead, Schafer has been working on other projects including Brütal Legend, another innovative but poorly-selling title.

Fans of Psychonauts aren't willing to let the dream of a sequel die, however. When one such fan is Notch Persson, things start to happen.

When Schafer told Digital Spy that he would be willing to make a Psychonauts 2 should someone 'just give me a few million dollars,' Notch replied: 'OK.'

Specifically, Notch posted to a message to microblogging service Twitter directed at Schafer's account. 'Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen.'

Apparently serious about fronting up cash and developers to get a sequel off the ground, Notch has confirmed that he's talking to Schafer about the possibility. 'Me and [Schafer] are talking to each other via email, and he's cool with me saying whatever I want about it. He's, like, super awesome.'

It's far from a done deal, however. 'Anyway, please don't get your hopes too high yet,' Notch warned. 'Everything is extremely vague!'

Schafer, for his part, is keeping his head down. Rather than addressing the buzz, he's concentrating on promoting his current projects. Still, the possibility of seeing Psychonauts 2 looks a lot more likely today than it has at any other point in history.

Do you think Notch will convince Schafer to create the sequel, or would you rather see Double Fine's mad genius concentrating on original projects? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Bauul 8th February 2012, 14:19 Quote
I can't read the words "Double Fine" without hearing it in Jack Black's metal falsetto from the beginning of the (part awesome, part flawed) Brutal Legend.
Hovis 8th February 2012, 18:43 Quote
I'm kind of glad Brutal Legend didn't do that well. It was nowhere near as good as it was claimed to be. It's the kind of game that reviewers love, because it's new and it's clever and it's cool, but as a gamer when I sat down to play through it, nothing felt right. It played like a game that had been made by people who don't normally make games of that sort.
rogerrabbits 8th February 2012, 19:44 Quote
Don't bother it will only be another financial failure anyway. If it's not an FPS, or about zombies, or rich enough to pay off reviews and generate a tidal wave of hype like Skyrim, then it's not going to sell much.
GonzoRIP 8th February 2012, 21:15 Quote
i dsagree. i think we are actually entering a video game renaissance right now. with steams support of the indie community we are seeing more and more interesting and quality titles popping up and if they made a sequal they could even bundle it with the original game for a slightly higher price. btw it has the tidal wave of hype right now with notch stepping up to the plate and supporting it. might only last a couple weeks but that depends on the next steps these 2 guys take in the near future
rogerrabbits 9th February 2012, 04:23 Quote
I hope you're right. I just have a very low opinion of the industry these days.
Th3Maverick 9th February 2012, 05:41 Quote
Rog, I a have to agree with Gonzo. If that was the only way for a game to be a commercial success, then there would be no way for Persson to have the flow to front the cash for the sequel. Which is kind of a mind-bending paradox, if you think about it.
Silver51 9th February 2012, 08:45 Quote
Psychonausts 2..
Xir 12th February 2012, 09:23 Quote
Ijust finished Psychonauts thanks to Steam.
Shame they don't sell Brütal Legend... my hate of jack black has kept me from it so far
alamoqqvv 12th February 2012, 15:22 Quote
Ijust finished Psychonauts thanks to Steam.
Shame they don't sell Brütal Legend... my hate of jack black has kept me from it so far
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