8Realms VIP Giveaway

8Realms VIP Giveaway

Use the exclusive key BITGAMER21 when signing up to 8Realms to get VIP access.

How would you like to try out Jagex' new browser-based strategy game, 8Realms, with free access to VIP content which lets you play the game ahead of the February launch?

Well, we're letting you do just that with an exclusive VIP key, which also comes with a free in-game flag bearing the Bit-Gamer logo.

8Realms is a new free to play strategy which lets you design and lead a settlement through eight ages of humanity - Ancient, Classical, Feudal, Renaissance, Imperial, Industrial, Modern and Future. Unusually for a free-to-play game, 8Realms has an end game setting that provides an ultimate goal for players, meaning it's more than just a casual time-filler.

If that sounds interesting to you then all you need to do to get free VIP access to 8Realms is sign up at the official website and enter BITGAMER21 as your exclusive key.

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the_kille4 6th December 2011, 18:04 Quote
hmmm...interesting. i'll try it now it has been a long long long time since i went to their site... changed so much...
Cerberus90 6th December 2011, 18:12 Quote
Just seems like Tribal Wars, with flashier graphics, although it feels laggy, and a few more features added in ala Civilisation style.
LJF 6th December 2011, 18:21 Quote
Is this only the 2nd item of news that's happened in the last 7 days? Are people on holiday or something? I'm starting to wander onto other tech sites...
the_kille4 6th December 2011, 18:53 Quote
true the lag is very annoying... well back to bf3 then...
SpaceBaby 6th December 2011, 19:19 Quote
Originally Posted by the_kille4
true the lag is very annoying... well back to bf3 then...

i would put the lag down to testing... as the article said this is access before the Feb launch.
Anneon 7th December 2011, 07:32 Quote
prefer Travian tbh
huang1314 8th December 2011, 09:35 Quote
would put the lag down to testing
Ploo 8th December 2011, 16:11 Quote
Goldfarming RuneScape has paid for my computers, clothes and all the other expenses I dreamed up over the past year, I think it's only fair I give this a go :)
the_kille4 13th December 2011, 10:12 Quote
btw... its not really a true release... it is more of a Very Important Beta which has the option to charge your bank account!
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