Blood Pack Shogun 2 DLC released

Blood Pack Shogun 2 DLC released

We didn't think he had it in him. He doesn't any more.

The Creative Assembly has released a new piece of DLC for Total War: Shogun 2 that adds decapitations, limb serving and buckets of blood to the feudal Japanese battlefield. The pack has a suitably higher age rating of 18 and is available from Steam for 99p.

CA says that ‘the Total War battle engine has been re-engineered for the ultimate in visceral conflict. Intricate new animations enable your Samurai to carve a bloody, limb-strewn path through enemy armies.’ and other effects include blood squirts from projectile and weapon impact, new sounds for spurting blood, blood-spatter camera effects and ‘giblets from cannon and musket fire.’ Crivens.

The Blood Pack can be disabled and enabled via the game’s Options menu.

CA has also released the Hattori Clan Pack as DLC, for £2.99. This was originally bundled with Shogun 2: Limited Edition and lets you play as the ninja-happy clan online and in singleplayer. The clan has access to ‘the most powerful battlefield ninja’ (does anyone actually use battlefield ninja?), an extra historical battle and extra armour and XP for your Avatar.

Interested by the new DLC? Do you use battlefield ninja in Shogun 2? Let us know in the forum.


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Hovis 30th November 2011, 15:49 Quote
Battlefield ninja are made of win. Unfortunately however win doesn't come cheap and they are made of enough win that for the same amount of win you could maintain about a stack of ashigaru, many of whom who wouldn't die instantly if somebody's horse looks at them funny.
Stelph 30th November 2011, 15:54 Quote
Although having (thankfully) never actually seen anyone decapitated with a Katana I have to say that imagine seems a little OTT, though I guess its more inline with the traditional kung fo style blood effects from the movies
Jake123456 30th November 2011, 16:21 Quote
Sweet, may install it when I get home, might force me to get back into it somehow..
ya93sin 1st December 2011, 15:53 Quote
Interesting addon, however my personal interest in the game just sort of died after I bought it. Back to Napoleon for me.
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