Hard Reset gets 1.2 update

Hard Reset gets 1.2 update

Flying Wild Hog has updated Hard Reset to include a new survival mode, as well as Nvidia 3D.

Polish developer Flying Wild Hog has issued an update for PC exclusive cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset, bringing the version number up to 1.2.

The 1.2 update adds several new features to the game, most prominent of which is a new survival mode based around two new challenge maps.

The patch, which should be available through Steam's auto-update already, also brings in full support for Nvidia's 3D Vision, as well as compatibility for multiple displays.

'Hard Reset's main strength lay in its graphics and its consistent delivery of combat which, while moreish and dully enjoyable, lacks the precision or scale of its competition,' we said in our Hard Reset review.

On the plus side, this is very much the game for you if you like shooting lots and lots of robots.

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Madness_3d 3rd November 2011, 14:46 Quote
Objection to the ! after 3D... Implies it is Exciting :P
But I don't want to be the one to start a 3D or Not Debate :)
kzinti1 3rd November 2011, 20:08 Quote
DevilsShooter 3rd November 2011, 20:24 Quote
this game ran in 3d before the update quite fine, 3d is the way to go but not with glasses, need passive screens that do the job, shouldt be too hard to add the 120hz shutter over a screen.
Whindog 4th November 2011, 00:03 Quote
Th3Maverick 4th November 2011, 02:13 Quote
3D. So many Negative Nancies on bit-tech these days.
Glix 4th November 2011, 02:49 Quote
3DNow! Oh wrong era. :<
[-Stash-] 7th November 2011, 15:26 Quote
I love RealD 3D at the cinema (288Hz I believe, 144Hz per eye), but the 120Hz/60Hz per eye Nvidia solution is too slow for me. It gives me painful eye strain after about 2 mintues. Perhaps if they double it again I'll be okay.
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