Dead Rising 2: Off The Record halloween video

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record halloween video

Which scary games did you play this halloween? Let us know in the forums.

A new video has been released to promote Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in the wake of Halloween, begging the question of what games you chose to scare yourselves silly this year?

We put the question to you in our The Scariest Games feature yesterday, where we talked about what we thought were some of the scariest we've ever played. Popular candidates included FEAR, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Dead Rising 2 and its DLC counterpart Dead Rising 2: Off the Record was left off the list because, as we explained in our review of the game, the series is more defined by its humor than its horror.

'The Dead Rising series, with it's pulpy crassness and commitment to immaturity, has always felt like the worst trends of the comic book industry scraped up and dumped in a barrel,' we said in our review of Off the Record.

'[That's] made for a consistently irreverent adventure filled with deliciously objectionable content and regular laughs. Zombies! Insanity! Sex-crazed psychopaths!'

Check out the video below and let us know what you played last night in the forums.


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Ljs 1st November 2011, 13:25 Quote
Are these videos working ok for people? This and the Skyrim one don't play for me... :(
yassarikhan786 1st November 2011, 13:31 Quote
Workin fine here.
Shirty 1st November 2011, 16:20 Quote
Not working for me either, Firefox 8. I get the preview image, but then when I press play I just get black as the progress bar moves.
Nicodemus_MM 2nd November 2011, 02:58 Quote
I can't say Bit uses the worst video player ever, but I really don't count viewers prior to 1995. Please get with the times.
anno1404 2nd November 2011, 20:34 Quote
anyone get this to work? Have you seen something like this on youtube -- a reliable player?

What a complete joke. You have a tech site which has a worthless video player which does not work on Internet Exloper 9, and which requires people to register to edit instead of allowing captcha's etc. Shows this tech site is not much of a tech site.
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