Train Simulator 2012 competition winners announced

Train Simulator 2012 competition winners announced

Did you win a free copy of Train Simulator 2012? Check here to find out!

It's time to announce the winners of our Train Simulator 2012 competition, where we offered 20 readers the chance to win a copy of Train Simulator 2012 from, the developer of Railworks 2.

To be in with a chance of winning you had to tell us 'What famously shaped American railroad will now be available for download in Train Simulator 2012?'

The answer was: The Horseshoe Curve.

Below are the 20 lucky winners who got the answer right. You all should have been contacted by email already, so check your inbox and be sure to tell us what you think of the game!

Dan Stock
Clay Montgomery
Vincent Wong
Richard Fryer
Robert Stewart
V. Dhanpal
Seb K
Lachlan McConchie
David Moreno
Dan (surname unknown)
Guilherme Nascimento
Keith Patterson
Juan Gomez
Javier Roman
Pablo Lorenzo
Oscar Venero
Juan Martinez
Jack Rock
Ian Anstee
Pedro Milla

For more information on Train Simulator 2012, which comes with 15 highly detailed locomotives from the age of steam to present day and eight different routes featuring authentic signalling, stations and landscaping, check out the relevant Steam page!

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ya93sin 18th October 2011, 12:23 Quote
johnnyboy700 18th October 2011, 12:39 Quote
I actually know someone who bought the previous version, he says its very relaxing to play.

I suppose its a bit different from driving on the roads, nobody to cut you up, never have to worry about getting lost, no steering involved. The downside is nutters throwing stuff off bridges, leaving obstructions on the line and suciders - I wonder if they simulate them?
Tsung 18th October 2011, 13:04 Quote
Congratulations to the winners.. It's a great little game / simulator.
tad2008 18th October 2011, 15:24 Quote
There goes my childhood dreams of having a train set in the attic, not that I have an attic, but its nice to dream...
yassarikhan786 18th October 2011, 15:27 Quote
Hey Ya93sin, good to see you at Bit-tech :)

Congrats to the winners :).
longweight 18th October 2011, 19:02 Quote
Go me!
Sloth 18th October 2011, 20:08 Quote

Now to prepare for the flood of messages when people see "In Steam game: Train Simulator 2012".
longweight 18th October 2011, 20:33 Quote
But it crashes on the first menu screen :(
longweight 20th October 2011, 09:26 Quote
Yeah it really doesn't work, tried reinstalling, checking the game cache and defragmenting the game files.

Sad Panda :(
Sloth 20th October 2011, 18:27 Quote
Got all your drivers updated and such? Never know.

Works just fine for me. Completed all of the tutorial missions and completed one of the easier real missions. Only took me 105 minutes according to Steam!
thehippoz 20th October 2011, 18:29 Quote
saw a street sweeper simulator on another site.. geez who the hell is buying these games
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