King Arthur: Fallen Champions competition

King Arthur: Fallen Champions competition

Do you want to win one of 10 copies of King Arthur: Fallen Champions? Now's your chance!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of King Arthur 2 from Paradox Interactive early next year, we've got 10 copies of the standalone King Arthur: Fallen Champions expansion to give away.

Bridging the gap between King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame and King Arthur 2, Fallen Champions tells the story of Sir Lionel, Lady Corrigan and Drest The Chosen - three new heroes who battle to emerge as champions of the lands beyond the Forest of Bedegraine.

While each hero follows their own storyline and has a separate campaign, King Arthur: Fallen Champions remains grounded in realm of Britannia and offers a unique look at the King Arthur universe.

You can check out the King Arthur: Fallen Champions trailer below for more information on the game, but to be in with a chance of winning you have to answer the following question...

Q: What is the name of King Arthur's sword?

Submit your answer by email before Tuesday, 25 October

Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

This competition will close on Tuesday, 25 October at 10:30AM. This competition is open worldwide. One entry per person. The Editor's decision is final. Any other questions - just ask.


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Redbeaver 18th October 2011, 15:07 Quote
i played KA-1. it was a great great RTS actually!
KayinBlack 18th October 2011, 16:34 Quote
Sent. Too much study of Arthurian legend.
thehippoz 18th October 2011, 19:17 Quote
hmm clicked the video then ended up watching the dream house trailer linked at the bottom

which linked to smallville: lois and clark - the big bang.. which got me thinking about midgets.. man what a waste of time
Crossing 18th October 2011, 22:19 Quote
@KayinBlack this.
jimmyjj 19th October 2011, 23:15 Quote
For anyone who does not know and would like to enter the competition the name of his sword is Boner
CardJoe 26th October 2011, 16:08 Quote
And the Winners are:

Melody Shank
June Jowers
Edmond Lepedus
Markus Hanni
Jamie Sutherland
Jason Yi
Krauss Dyhalt
Chirag Patel
Sean Hoggard
Gerard Gimbert
g_gimbert 26th October 2011, 20:21 Quote
Hi Joe, Awesome that I won, but when I enter the code into steam it is telling me that its already registered.
CardJoe 27th October 2011, 00:46 Quote
Send me a DM o'er the forums telling me which code you used and I'll look into it.
g_gimbert 27th October 2011, 11:00 Quote
Thanks Joe, sorted out via email.
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