Game of Thrones: Genesis release date announced

Game of Thrones: Genesis release date announced

Ubisoft has announced a September 29 release date for Game of Thrones: Genesis.

Ubisoft has announced a release date for the PC-exclusive Game of Thrones tie-in game, Game of Thrones: Genesis.

Closely based on George R.R. Martin's first novel in the series, A Song of Fire and Ice, Game of Thrones: Genesis is set for a September 29, 2011 release date.

Players will take the role of a noble house in the land of Westeros, where powers constantly shift in a mire of betrayal, assassination, war and sabotage.

A real-time strategy game by genre, developer Cyanide Studios nevertheless confirms that wily players will be able to win the kingdom without ever engaging in open warfare thanks to the political tools at their disposal.

Game of Thrones: Genesis is a PC exclusive that will be on sale both through conventional retail stores and digital distribution platforms, with a Collector's Edition offering further goodies.

You can read our review of Game of Thrones: The Card Game for information on other attempts to game-ify George R.R. Martin's novels, which aired as a TV series starring Sean Bean earlier this year.

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Tokukachi 8th September 2011, 14:28 Quote
I stopped reading as soon as it said Ubisoft...
coolius 8th September 2011, 15:28 Quote
This had better not be rubbish
Instagib 8th September 2011, 15:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Neat69
I stopped reading as soon as it said Ubisoft...

Same. DRM Nazis.
Parge 8th September 2011, 15:40 Quote
Man, Ubisoft used to make such good games! They were untouchable. Nowadays I'm struggling to think of a Ubisoft game I'm even slightly looking forward to.
The_Beast 8th September 2011, 17:09 Quote
I'm not a huge fan of RPGs but I would buy this......

.......if it wasn't a Ubisoft title.
mucgoo 8th September 2011, 17:35 Quote
They managed to churn this out in what a year?
This wouldn't have been made before it was clear that the TV adaptation would be very popular.
Almightyrastus 8th September 2011, 18:21 Quote
Another tv/movie tie that will be rushed out to hit a deadline rather than released when it's ready. can't say I have high hopes for this one, which is s shame as I loved the first series
SlowMotionSuicide 8th September 2011, 19:46 Quote
Smells like speed-produced garbage aimed to milk the fleeting popularity of the tv series.

Will not register on my radar whatsoever.
srgtherasta 8th September 2011, 21:38 Quote
Great love it.... wait ubisoft, oh dear, pity.
Flexible_Lorry 8th September 2011, 23:53 Quote
Man the tv show was good
Journeyer 9th September 2011, 07:36 Quote
I think I'll just watch the series again instead as that leaves me far less likely to want to claw my own eyes out (also; boobies).
pingu666 9th September 2011, 16:01 Quote
theres been some preview vids out a fair few months ago
TWeaK 10th September 2011, 17:48 Quote
The TV show was good, but they missed out the big battles. I'm currently on the 3rd book and it gets pretty epic. Here's hoping that, after the success of the first TV series, they'll have a bigger budget so that they can actually do the battles some justice. Tyrion (the Imp) is badass, but the TV series kind of gimped him IMO.

On the game, I had some hope for this - an RTS based on ASOFI sounds awesome in principle - but as everyone above has said now it just sounds rushed and simply a cash-in.
Greentrident 10th September 2011, 18:24 Quote
Good TV Series
Good books
Good Game? - a hatrick is probably too much to hope for!
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