Sony details Star Wars Galaxies closure

Sony details Star Wars Galaxies closure

The losers may, or may not, find a new definition of pain as they're slowly digested over 1,000 years.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced its plans for the final weeks of Star Wars Galaxies, before the MMO is shut down forever at the end of this year.

According to the official forum, Sony is planning for the current action in the in-game civil war to escalate from September.

Both sides will score points until the game's last week in December, and every kill and captured flag will count towards the total score.

The side with the most points will emerge as the victors of the eight-year conflict, and Sony has also promised that the losers will go out with a 'big bang'.

Sony has also announced that it will allow people to host their own shutdown events if they would rather not be involved with the greater conflict.

Star Wars Galaxies is scheduled to be shut down on 15 December 2011. Will you be marching to war, or will the end of the world pass you by? Tell us in the forums.


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Glix 31st August 2011, 14:21 Quote
They should just open the servers up for free since they are closing them anyway, who would want to pay more money for something that is going to close? :S
Bauul 31st August 2011, 15:14 Quote
I think there should be an invasion of space bats, and everyone gets eaten.
chemo 31st August 2011, 15:21 Quote
seems quite stupid to me why anyone would want to earn points towards something that will be gone permanently in the near future!
Bauul 31st August 2011, 15:39 Quote
Originally Posted by chemo
seems quite stupid to me why anyone would want to earn points towards something that will be gone permanently in the near future!

So your team can be winners at the end? How many faction based MMOs out there do you get the chance to win the game for your faction once and for all?
Plugs 31st August 2011, 16:35 Quote
Oh... so you can win an MMO
it just takes 8 years (and thus over £850!!!) to do it...

and if you lose there is no way to start over
Quavr 31st August 2011, 18:30 Quote
Shame everyone I played with have already left, think I will pass on this.
Digi 31st August 2011, 19:40 Quote
Awww, it's gonna be sad to see it go. It was - in original form - the best MMO I've ever played. *nostalgic sigh*
tripwired 31st August 2011, 19:55 Quote
Was SWG any good? Not a huge MMO fan, more of an FPS guy - but would love to play a decent (modern) Star Wars game.

Shadows Of The Empire on the N64 was one of the last Star Wars games I really enjoyed. Going a tad further back in time, Star Wars Supremacy on PC, and an Atari ST game (exact title escapes me) were pretty awesome.
rogerrabbits 31st August 2011, 20:55 Quote
I'm sure a few half arsed SOE patches is little consolation for the entire game and all their characters being gone forever.
dave0ne 31st August 2011, 22:10 Quote
@Tripwired : SWG in its original form was the best MMO implementation there has ever been.
You can still play the SWG EMU - not %100 but it does have some of the better features such as a community.
The SWG CU and NGE that followed where SOE - LA's attempt at eating away at wows players........

I for one am not wasting my time or money going there again.
Hovis 1st September 2011, 20:22 Quote
I never liked it but plenty of folks did, I think it was one of the classic 'Here is the game universe, kbai' style of games like Ultimate Online. I can see why they are closing it though, SWTOR is going to consume the last of the player base pretty much completely.
Fizzban 1st September 2011, 20:31 Quote
Not down to Sony though. I'm sure they would keep it up and running if they could. I suppose Lucas Arts don't want competition from this Star Wars game when SW:TOR ships. Seems kind of stupid to me though, as one game is a sandbox and the other is a theme park. Both COULD coexist quite happily. I don't know why they decided not to renew the licence.

Hope those folks still playing enjoy the last few months.
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