Frozen Synapse demo announced

Frozen Synapse demo announced

Mode 7 has announced a demo and weekend sale for Frozen Synapse, which is awesome.

Mode 7 Games has announced a demo and weekend sale for Bit-Gamer approved awesome-strategy game, Frozen Synapse.

Released today, the demo offers randomly generated singleplayer skirmishes, as well as full tutorial and a selection of levels from the singleplayer campaign. It lacks multiplayer functionality, however.

To celebrate the release of the demo, Valve is discounting Frozen Synapse by 50 per cent on Steam, reducing the price to just under £10 for two copies of the game, one of which is giftable to a friend.

'This demo offers a unique opportunity to...oh, who am I kidding?” blurted Mode 7’s Paul Taylor in the official statement.

'It’s a *demo*: you download it; you play it; we hope you buy the game thereafter. What more do you want from me? My shoes? You want these shoes?'

Um. Yes, please?

'Frozen Synapse is the most moreish and brilliant game I’ve played in years,' said Games Editor Joe Martin in his Frozen Synapse review. 'It’s responsible for me dreaming in shades of blue for the last three nights running and I wouldn’t have it any other way.'

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Paradigm Shifter 11th August 2011, 19:09 Quote
I'm tempted to buy it again just to show Mode 7 continued support. Definitely one of the more addictive games I've played in recent years.
DwarfKiller 11th August 2011, 19:27 Quote
Excellent, I had no money when it first showed up. I already had too many games to play but there's always room for this.
XXAOSICXX 11th August 2011, 19:51 Quote
Great game.
GuilleAcoustic 11th August 2011, 20:15 Quote
Just bought it on steam (France) for 13€ (pack of two licences + the sound track) ... 50% off offer. Got Limbo and Edge aswell.
Flibblebot 11th August 2011, 21:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Article by Joe Martin
...said Games Editor Joe Martin in his Frozen Synapse review...
Joe, why are you referring to yourself in the third person in your own articles? Are we that famous now?

Also, Flibblebot must check this out. It sounds like an interesting game, and at a tenner, Flibblebot can't grumble ;)
Draksis 12th August 2011, 07:44 Quote
[QUOTE=Flibblebot;2774023]Joe, why are you referring to yourself in the third person in your own articles? Are we that famous now?QUOTE]

Maybe Joe have multiple Personality Disorder - and they all called Joe Martin. There's Joe Martine the acticle writer, the game review, pod cast speaker, etc. :D :p

On a more (*cough*) serious point, think I'm gonna get the demo so that I can finally see what all this hype is about. I mean the game can't be THAT good? can it?!
V3ctor 12th August 2011, 08:22 Quote
Buy Frozen Synapse

Includes two copies of Frozen Synapse - Send the extra copy to a friend.

Why can't I buy the game for me? Only me?
wiggles 12th August 2011, 12:53 Quote
This is an advertisement disguised as news
BillMurray 12th August 2011, 19:18 Quote
Frozen Synapse is a great game, worth checking out the demo if you haven't see it. The best part of the game is playing multiplayer on dark maps, where you can't see where you enemies are until your units can see them. You have to work out your own and your opponents likely strategy.
rogerrabbits 13th August 2011, 02:46 Quote
I have had this game for a while now, it's really good. Worth the price and worth giving a copy to someone you know who plays games, or a friend, if you have one of those.
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