Worms: Ultimate Mayhem announced

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem announced

Team 17 has announced a new, revamped version of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem.

Developer Team 17 has announced a new entry in the Worms franchise for release later this year on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Dubbed Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, the game will be a revamped, high-def version of the first 3D Worms games - Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem.

Team 17 has explained the 'revamp' by saying that it will improve the camera and voice acting quirks that plagued the original and that it will offer new content on top of that which was already contained in both games.

'In squeezing the entire content of both Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem into one collector's edition digital package, we've delivered a best of the 3D Worms games experience,' Team17's John Dennis in an official statement.

No specific release date has been announced for the project yet.

Team 17 has already revived the older, 2D versions of the Worms games on most platforms - check out the trailer for 2010's Worms Reloaded below. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Unknownsock 28th July 2011, 10:41 Quote
Somehow I've still not got round to playing more than 5 or so games of Reloaded..And I pre-ordered it!

Just not enough time to play my games.
Psy-UK 28th July 2011, 11:01 Quote
It's a shame that Worms Reloaded was so terrible. Ah well, at least there's still the eternally excellent Worms Armageddon.
GeorgeStorm 28th July 2011, 11:02 Quote
Look forward to this, thought reloaded was a bit meh, alhough need to put more time into it.
But loved 3d, and am trying 4 atm.
So hopefully this will be awesome :D
JCBeastie 28th July 2011, 11:12 Quote
Best one is still Worms.

WTB Nintendo-esque hi-def 2d makeover!
Fizzban 28th July 2011, 14:57 Quote
Originally Posted by JCBeastie
Best one is still Worms.

WTB Nintendo-esque hi-def 2d makeover!

Worms and Worms 2 are the best ones to me.
azrael- 28th July 2011, 15:39 Quote
And here I thought they'd already failed with their previous attempt at 3D. Some games just don't translate well into three dimensions.
SMIFFYDUDE 28th July 2011, 16:26 Quote
Worms is a game that really doesn't need to be 3D let alone HD. 2D worms games are great as they are. I never thought Worms on Gameboy was any less fun than it was on any other format.
RedFlames 28th July 2011, 16:38 Quote
+1 for 'some games don't work in 3d'... sonic 3d never happened

Hated Worms 3D, Forts was ok but the 3d-ness was still horrible, never played Mayhem... and even then, to me it wasn't worms... It'd be like turning cannon fodder into a L4D-style co-op shooter... may sound great in theory... but it's not cannon fodder...

personal favourite was Worms World Party
Shayper09 28th July 2011, 18:10 Quote
^^ Sonic Adventure anyone? ;)
Zurechial 28th July 2011, 18:15 Quote
I haven't enjoyed any Worms games that came after Worms 2. That was the peak of the series for me and is still really enjoyable today. Things just got messy after that.
Evildead666 28th July 2011, 19:49 Quote
Originally Posted by azrael-
And here I thought they'd already failed with their previous attempt at 3D. Some games just don't translate well into three dimensions.

YEah. I remember it coming out, and tanking really badly. We used to play over a network in the house at uni (a whole 10MBit hub, not switch).
Worms, Worms2 and Worms:Armageddon were F-ing brilliant.

Worms 3D was almost impossible to aim, and made the game much much worse.

I think Worms:Reloaded is great, not as good as Armageddon, but good enough ffor a comeback, and to get people back into Armageddon.

Looks like history is going to repeat itself ;)
HourBeforeDawn 28th July 2011, 19:55 Quote
I think Worms Armageddon is one of the best still :) but I do enjoy these games, so many good memories tied to this game :)
Eiffie 28th July 2011, 20:33 Quote
Worms Armageddon was the greatest. I had two copies for the PC, one for work and one for home plus a 3rd version on N64 for those times when everyone wanted to play and it was AMAZING. I recently tried Worms Reloaded on steam and was not happy with my purchase. :( Time to dig up my old discs!
chemo 29th July 2011, 00:58 Quote
WA and WWP were the best worms games no question, reloaded was a load of rubbish so i dont have high hopes for these :(
pas7680 29th July 2011, 12:06 Quote
The original worms on the amiga was and still is the best version - it may not have all the crazy weapons of the newer versions, but it was much more fun to play.
RedFlames 29th July 2011, 12:12 Quote
Originally Posted by Shayper09
^^ Sonic Adventure anyone? ;)

there were no 3d sonic games... at all... ever...
Edwards 29th July 2011, 13:00 Quote
Originally Posted by RedFlames
there were no 3d sonic games... at all... ever...

I loved Sonic Adventure, and am quite happy to say so.

Sonic R was awesome as well.
TAG 31st July 2011, 15:10 Quote
Hey Team17 if you're reading this, don't bother developing new worm games.
Just make Worms 2 work on Win7 and everyone will be over the moon.

Every evolution of worms since worms 2 has been a downgrade. World Party was acceptable but the rest are missing the point and leave us hungry.
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