THQ confirms Homefront 2

THQ confirms Homefront 2

THQ has confirmed that it will be making a sequel to Homefront, but has closed Kaos Studios.

THQ has confirmed that it will develop a sequel to 2010's Homefront, which sold well even in the face of middling and mixed reviews.

Chatting to Eurogamer at E3 2011, THQ's Danny Bilson described Homefront as a 'learning experience' and promised that the sequel will move forward.

'We also learned a lot about the service side of an online game needing dedicated servers,' said Bilson. '[We] learned a tremendous amount, which is all rolled out now in the demo. I hear it's going beautifully, with great connectivity. Everything's smooth.'

'The issues we had on Homefront we'll never have again. And yet, I absolutely love that brand and want to continue to make it great.'

However, THQ has also confirmed hat it has closed Homefront's original developer, Kaos Studios, and folded the remnants into THQ Montreal.

'The Montreal studio will take over product development and overall creative management for the Homefront franchise,' said the official statement. 'The Montreal studio actively collaborated with Kaos on Homefront.'

Check out our Homefront review - or the trailer below - and then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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r3loaded 14th June 2011, 10:46 Quote
Woot, more fridges!
Parge 14th June 2011, 10:48 Quote
Yawn. Another generic FPS. I suppose its good as it bolsters a publishers profits for more experiemental games.
tennisball 14th June 2011, 11:09 Quote
2010's Homefront

Wasn't it released this year?

On topic though, everyone I've talked to about Homefront said it was 'meh'. Can't see number 2 selling too well.
Shayper09 14th June 2011, 12:39 Quote
No thanks...
LeMaltor 14th June 2011, 13:00 Quote
1st was crap, second why bother?
hrp8600 14th June 2011, 13:46 Quote
First one might have sold quite well
But once bitten by the 'learning experience' No one will buy the pc sequel.
should sell well on the consoles though, they will buy any thing.
Arkanrais 14th June 2011, 15:07 Quote
Maybe if the first one actually had any kind of conclusion instead of finishing just as s*** got real, I might have considered homefront 2 a possibility.
The game was such a dissapointment, especially the 3 hour campaign length and killing it right when the action got going. I didnt touch the multiplayer, mostly cause I prefer games designed strictly for multiplayer if they're going to go that way (l4d/TF2 etc).
Hovis 14th June 2011, 17:57 Quote
If they want the sequel to move forward to the point that it's not another sack of tripe they are going to have to shift a whole lot of fridges.
Pete J 14th June 2011, 23:20 Quote
I didn't play Homefront, but reviews were discouraging.

Can they not learn from the mistake Capcom made - making a sequel to Lost Planet?
sony5191 19th September 2011, 02:04 Quote
all they need to do is to lenghten and organize there campaign. plus put more mutliplayer modes. then it should be pretty good.
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