CryEngine will support Wii U

CryEngine will support Wii U

Crytek has confirmed that it's new, super-powerful engine will support Nintendo's Wii U.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has confirmed that the studio will work to broaden the number of platforms supported by its super-powerful CryEngine technology, expanding to the Wii U and Kinect in the future.

'Crytek's support for Wii U is definitely going to happen,' Yerli told Develop. 'We aren't showing it but we are pretty much running it already.'

'We are expanding in many ways, and some of that is more announced than others,' Yerli added.

'Kinect is major driver for future platforms as well, so Kinect support is important. Having basic Kinect support in the CryEngine is one thing, but I'm talking about really supporting it deeply. CryEngine is going to have deep support.'

Yerli also hinted that the CryEngine would support mobile platforms and tablets, but wouldn't confirm anything beyond the fact that Crytek is investigating these possibilities.

Crytek's CryEngine was most recently used in Crysis 2, which appeared on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC not too long ago.

Check out our Crysis 2 review for more information, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Eugeny 14th June 2011, 11:23 Quote
So, now we can say... it will run Crysis!
Shayper09 14th June 2011, 12:42 Quote
As long as there is a PC specific ZOMG AWSUM! part of the engine I will be happy. I need something to max out my 1ghz 580!
ChaosDefinesOrder 14th June 2011, 13:18 Quote
being able to use the controller screen as the 'scope on a sniper rifle would be kinda cool...
Bauul 14th June 2011, 14:02 Quote
Just how far from niche are Crytek taking things these days?

Next up: Crytek announce CryEngine 4 will run on Casio calculators!
Elton 14th June 2011, 19:10 Quote
I guess scalable took a new form.
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