Gears of War Kinect rumours quashed

Gears of War Kinect rumours quashed

Epic's Lee Perry has dismissed rumours that a Gears of War Kinect spin-off is in the works.

Epic has quashed rumours that it is working on a Gears of War spin-off for Microsoft's Kinect sensor. For the moment, at least.

The comments come from E3 2011, where Gears of War 3's lead gameplay designer, Lee Perry, told Eurogamer that the team isn't working on any such project at the moment. There is interest in possible projects in the future, however.

'There's definitely interest in terms of looking at [motion controls] in terms of what is a fit for us,' said Perry.

'Personally I don't think I've seen any one thing that's been like 'that's what we need to make an amazing Gears IP'. I think there's a lot of potential in a lot of different systems. There's a lot of stuff to explore but we haven't nailed anything down.'

'I don't think as a studio we'd ever force anything out there that we didn't feel actually did the world true, but that's not to say that any of the things out there might not make for a great project, it's just not what we're doing right now.'

Gears of War 3 is currently planned for release later this year on Xbox 360 - check out the trailer below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.

You can check out other news from the show via our E3 2011 News hub.

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Mentai 9th June 2011, 11:58 Quote
I can see potentially a ME3 type implementation but nothing more. I would suspect they would be more blunt about not doing anything if they weren't so intricately tied with Microsoft right now.
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