Sony: PSN fully restored by weekend

Sony: PSN fully restored by weekend

Sony has promised that PSN will return to full functionality this weekend after numerous attacks.

Sony has confirmed that it plans to restore the PlayStation Network to full functionality this weekend for America, Europe, PAL territories and Asia.

The PlayStation Network and some associated services were taken offline by Sony following hacking attacks which compromised player data and jepordised system security.

Some PSN services were resumed previously, but Sony will re-enable remaining functionality over the weekend, including the PlayStation Store and the ability to redeem vouchers and game codes. Media Go functionality will also be restored, as will in-game purchases.

Some areas won't see these services resume so soon, however. These include Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Sony has refused to clarify whether it will turn everything back on on Saturday or Sunday.

Sony will offer all PlayStation Network and Qriocity members welcome back gifts that include two free PS3 games from a list, as well as free time using the PlayStation Plus system.

The PlayStation Network was taken offline on April 20th, meaning it will have offline for approximately 43 days.

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Sketchee 31st May 2011, 11:28 Quote
Marvellous! I've not had the internet for the last month anyway, it should be installed tomorrow. Perfect time to get me free games! :D
Nikumba 31st May 2011, 12:00 Quote
Cool means I can get my free games
faugusztin 31st May 2011, 12:04 Quote
Plans can go horribly wrong - best example is PSN itself.
WarrenJ 31st May 2011, 12:57 Quote
nice spelling of the title
kenco_uk 31st May 2011, 13:05 Quote
Originally Posted by WarrenJ
nice spelling of the title

It's not only the title that has spelling errors :(
The copy editor has had too much caffeine again.

Brilliant news though - I hope there's lots of content, i.e. demos/trailers etc to catch up on.
Gundam God 31st May 2011, 13:32 Quote
I have a HK and Jpn account and PSN is working fine on both of these. I assume the line about not all services returning means the store for those areas won't be up as soon as others?
PaulC2K 31st May 2011, 18:27 Quote
"The PlayStation Network was taken offline on April 20th, meaning it will have offline for approximately 43 days."
I guess the ~77 million people who've been using it for the last few weeks werent connecting via the PSN network then, so telepathy perhaps?

Seriously, why report on something if you're not going to check what your reporting is accurate? The only thing which has been missing has been the store and the ability to redeem vouchers which should have been created during the downtime. I've activated 2 codes created *before* the downtime, as they can still be claimed, though if it involves downloading something you're still stuck, but online access codes will work just fine. You can even do it via web browser. I suspect anything created up until the intrusion is basically being queued and a nice big backlog of codes should be sitting there.
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