Morrowind theme tune inspires donation drive

Morrowind theme tune inspires donation drive

Gillian Grassie was overwhelmed by the support for her Morrowind cover.

A harpist has used the Morrowind opening theme to help start a funding drive for her new album. Musician Gillian Grassie was astonished to find she had quickly exceeded her target once the video went viral.

Although she had set a target of $8,000 on Kickstarter to get the album off the ground, she has now reached around $12,500. If Grassie makes it to $15,000 she will release the album in both CD and 12in vinyl.

The Elder Scrolls community has a new, soft, warm place in my heart,’ said Grassie, ‘I’m still picking up the pieces of my mind that were blown to tiny bits yesterday when we exceeded the $8,000 goal in the first five days of fundraising.

The money is going towards studio time, session musicians and producers among other things, and is considered a modest budget for a full-length professional recording. The album will feature mainly live instruments over electronic sampling and will focus on vocals and the harp itself.

We recently wrote a piece revisiting Morrowind and commenters pointed out that there is a lot of deep sentiment for the game. The Morrowind community is still very much active despite the age of the game.

Donations can be made at Grassie’s Kickstarter page if you wish to support her bid for a new album or are a particular fan of the harp.

Know of any other great video game music covers? Share your favourits in the forum.


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Canon 13th May 2011, 14:24 Quote
Best. Feme. Toon. Ever.
mi1ez 15th May 2011, 19:42 Quote
Great video game music covers?
Not so much a cover, but the album for the Scott Pilgrim game by Anamaguchi is pretty epic!
And Martin Galway's Project Galway is awesome too!
NethLyn 16th May 2011, 10:31 Quote
When Morrowind hit Steam I actually bought it for the music, Jeremy Soule seems to do best with fantasy environments.

Whilst Morrorwind sounds great, Oblivion is just that little bit better, so I'd contribute more to a re-recording of the latter game's soundtrack.
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