Stronghold 3 delayed

Stronghold 3 delayed

Southpeak Interactive has delayed Stronghold 3 to an ambiguous 'Summer' release.

Publisher Southpeak Interactive has delayed the release of PC exclusive strategy game, Stronghold 3, saying that the game still needs more work.

Stronghold 3 was originally set for a vague 'Spring' release date, but has now been pushed back to a similarly vague 'Summer' release window.

'We want to make sure fans get the game they want and deserve,' explained Firefly's Simon Bradbury.

'Although some may be disappointed the game isn't coming out as soon as they expected, we're sure they won't be disappointed with the new elements we're adding to the franchise, to make this the best Stronghold yet.'

The previous game in the series, Stronghold 2, was released as a PC exclusive back in 2005 and is notable for being one of the first games Games Editor Joe reviewed for real money.

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MaverickWill 24th March 2011, 15:28 Quote
Anything Duke can do, I can do better...
tristanperry 24th March 2011, 18:45 Quote
Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Just kidding. Was looking forward to this game. Just have to wait a little longer I guess. Plus the developer's name is awesome, so that makes up for it.
Zinfandel 24th March 2011, 19:57 Quote

That is all.
Veles 24th March 2011, 22:09 Quote
Well if it's currently in the same state Stronghold 2 was in at release then this is a good thing. That game was nearly unplayable.
DragunovHUN 24th March 2011, 23:24 Quote
What, there's going to be a Stronghold 3?!
kelmannen 26th March 2011, 17:06 Quote
didnt even know there would be a stronghold 3 =D fantastic news, and no hurry! make it good =)
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