Trine 2 delayed

Trine 2 delayed

Developer Frozenbyte has delayed Trine 2 until 'late summer' for unknown reasons.

Developer Frozenbyte has delayed the release of upcoming action-puzzle-platformer, Trine 2. The team has not given a reason for the delay.

Trine 2 is now set for release in 'late summer', when it will launch on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade all at once.

The original Trine, which told of three heroes bound together by a curse, was one of our favourite co-operative games of 2009 thanks to some beautiful environments and clever physics-based puzzles that had multiple solutions. In fact, Trine still holds on to the Underdog Award in the Bit-Gamer Hall of Fame!

Like the original, Trine 2 will boast co-operative play - this time in offline and online modes.

To help compensate for the delay, Frozenbyte has released a gorgeous new trailer for Trine 2, which you can see below.

Check out our Trine review for more information on the series, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Arkanrais 22nd March 2011, 10:46 Quote
yay, Trine 2. I didnt even know the game was in development. I had a good few hours playing the first, and definitely looking foward to this now too.
proxess 22nd March 2011, 11:03 Quote
So damn beautiful.
Yemerich 22nd March 2011, 11:05 Quote
Trine is a great game! And this trailer must be the most beautifull one I saw in a while. This game really deserves good sales. All the best for the team!

On a side note, I just saw the "Catherine, the game" in the related movies. It is from Atlus too. I was really impressed! looks like we are going to rear about this developer a lot in the coming years.
rehk 22nd March 2011, 14:06 Quote
Atlus is the publisher, they've been publishing JPRGs for years.

I loved the original Trine. It really went under the radar, yet it was simply fantastic. Also one of the best looking games i've ever seen, with a great use of colour. Trine 2 looks to be no different.
Zurechial 22nd March 2011, 14:44 Quote
Trine is one of the few indie or indie-like games that I've actually thought was worth its asking price. I thought it had some of the best visuals of any game in recent years (yeah, including Crysis) and it was the first platformer I've enjoyed since Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Fun gameplay, absolutely gorgeous graphics, fantastic music and great atmosphere - It looks like Trine 2 is going to be more of the same so it's a must-get for me.
thehippoz 22nd March 2011, 16:38 Quote
I hope they make the ending even harder.. I loved how it roid raged- it really what made the first game fun
Redbeaver 22nd March 2011, 22:13 Quote
oh gawd thats an awesome trailer.

want PC version :(
Zurechial 23rd March 2011, 00:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Redbeaver
oh gawd thats an awesome trailer.

want PC version :(
Originally Posted by article
it will launch on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade all at once.

Fear not. :)
Bindibadgi 23rd March 2011, 01:26 Quote
Instead of the last level in this one they might as well just show a middle finger or trollface on the screen.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Trine. Up to that point.
sausages 23rd March 2011, 06:17 Quote
Up to what point? The final level?
Bindibadgi 23rd March 2011, 06:27 Quote
Yup. Rising lava death + random elements spawning just to piss me off = fail.
rehk 23rd March 2011, 10:00 Quote
The developers have acknowledged that the last level was a mistake. I remember that killing the enthusiasm I had for it immediately. Even lowering the difficulty to Easy, it seemed to make no difference to how quickly the lava rose.
Eiffie 23rd March 2011, 19:08 Quote
The first Trine was awesome, I was sad when it ended but it seems like this game could only be made better in the sequel. Hopefully we get a chance to use some more exotic weapons than in the first game.

@ Yemerich - I am very much looking forward to Catherine myself, some of the levels in that game look intense as far as platformers go. Not to mention all the cool sheep people!

@ Zurechial - There was a Jazz Jackrabbit 2!!!???
sausages 23rd March 2011, 20:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Yup. Rising lava death + random elements spawning just to piss me off = fail.
Yeah that was kinda tedious, but I played through it because it reminded me of the old days, NES, and SNES, and arcade days, they used to stuff like that a lot back then.
Zurechial 23rd March 2011, 21:00 Quote
I actually enjoyed the last level of Trine.
It was frustrating as hell and I ended up using my 3 heroes as sacrificial meatshields just to get one of them to the top, but I found it fun and climactic enough for an ending.
Originally Posted by Eiffie
@ Zurechial - There was a Jazz Jackrabbit 2!!!???

There was, and it was awesome. :)

It's possible to get your hands on it as grey-area abandonware if your google fu is strong enough.
GeorgeStorm 23rd March 2011, 21:15 Quote
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is awesome, one of my favourite games of all time probably.
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