World of Tanks interview - you ask the questions

World of Tanks interview - you ask the questions

Wham, bam, tank you ma'am!, the developer of forthcoming MMO World of Tanks, is keen to answer any questions you might have about the game. So much so, in fact, that it's offering you the chance to ask the questions in a forthcoming interview on bit-gamer.

We first played World of Tanks back in September last year, and we've been hooked ever since, racking up hundreds of hours of heavy metal mayhem. You can read our original take on the game in this preview.

But that's enough of what we think; now wants to know what you think, while also giving you the opportunity to pitch your own questions.

If you've got a burning question that you want to ask about World of Tanks, whether you want to know what's changing between the beta and the final release, or even if you want to ask about the graphics engine, then now's your chance to raise your hand and shout 'Me Miss!'

In addition to giving you an opportunity to find out more about this great game, the writers of the five questions judged to be the best will also win a World of Tanks t-shirt. All you have to do is submit a question to the games developer in the comment thread below. We'll then forward the questions to and post the answers on bit-gamer in a couple of weeks.

If you haven't tried the game yet, then there's still time to sign up to the free beta on the official World of Tanks website.


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Jake123456 21st March 2011, 14:32 Quote
most important question I rekon...Did you think it was going to be this successful? and just to hog it all......are we to expect any surprises in the final release?
pimonserry 21st March 2011, 14:36 Quote
Are beta players going to get any bonuses in the final game?

Also, is anything going to be done about the 'invisible tanks'?

(Love the game btw)
mi1ez 21st March 2011, 15:17 Quote
How will you address balancing between players that can afford premium content and those that can't? I distinctly fall into the second category!
bob_lewis 21st March 2011, 15:21 Quote
Will there be cake?
Xtrafresh 21st March 2011, 16:00 Quote
First of all, i live the game, and will definately become a paying player.

However, the balancing frustrates me. It's VERY hard to play a significant role in the battle in a field of tanks that is 2-4 tiers above me, something that happens quite frequently.

I honestly believe that the most interesting tiers to play are not the overpowered tiers 8-10, but rather the 4-7 space, because these taks actually have real limitations and weak spots. These tiers also contain the majority of the tanks that actually saw battle in real wars, and are therefor also historically much more interesting then the prototype-only battles you see most of the time nowadays.

However, because of the ccurrent balance in the game, playing these tiers very often feels like a frustrating affair of being trampled by higher tiers, leading you to rush the tech tree and dumping them asap.

Will attempt to repair this problem, and if yes, how? Matchmaking? Smaller gaps between tiers? Tier-specific tournaments?
sunjester 21st March 2011, 16:18 Quote
A couple questions actually.

1) Why is it taking so long to fix the extremely broken viewing system? It was broken last October I believe and 6 months later it hasn't been fixed yet. At this point I barely remember what it was like when it worked properly because I only got to play with a working viewing system for about 2 months, versus the almost 6 months it's been broken.

2) Why is the balance in the tech trees so obviously skewed towards the Russian tanks? The US and German tanks keep getting buffs as well as inexplicable nerfs, in what seems to be an effort to even things out, but they are very clearly inferior overall to the Russian tanks with very few exceptions.

3) When will the autobalance be fixed? It seems that unless you want to play in either the very top tiers (9 or 10) or the very bottom tiers (1-3), you had better get used to being thrown into fights with tanks you don't have a prayer of damaging. One fight you can be the top in the match, the next fight dead last with no hope. Why hasn't this been fixed yet?

4) Why is artillery even in this game? As a former programmer I honestly have to say that implementing artillery may have seemed like a good idea at the drawing board, but when implemented it turns into a poor design decision. Lots of people disagree (mainly those who play artillery and nothing else), but playing artillery both completely changes the gameplay as well as shattering the rules of risk versus reward. That being you get very little risk for ridiculously great reward. Especially when you consider that while a tier 6-7 artillery gets thrown in with tier 8-10 tanks, the repair and reload cost is less than half that of the tanks it's playing with. Not only that but they get the luxury of being able to one shot up to a tier 9 from across the map while in no danger, while no other tanks in the game can one-shot something their own tier or even a tier below them.
Unknownsock 21st March 2011, 16:27 Quote
Are there going to be different match modes?
Kamikaze-X 21st March 2011, 16:32 Quote
What I would like to ask is whether the atrociously flawed spotting system is going to be overhauled.

Invisible tanks, tanks reappearing and disappearing in open fields, and tanks not being revealed after shooting (no matter how far away they are) are not great ways to endear a game to your target audience.

I also reiterate the comments made regarding balance by Xtrafresh.

I would also like to find out why developers are so reluctant to post on the Beta Tester's forums. Secondhand knowledge weeks after an issue appears when Russian release is already upon us gives me cause for concern.
Blue19452 21st March 2011, 16:44 Quote
I'd like to know the following:
- what is one month of premium going to cost?
- are there going to be premium packages (tank X and Y amount of gold)?
- do beta-testers get anything more than a sincere 'Thank you'?

Oh yeah, some obvious things need fixing but I'm you already know this if you read the forum.
That's all really... ;)
Juiblex 21st March 2011, 16:48 Quote
I really do like the game but there are some major short comings.
The camo system doesn't work properly, or nearly as well as it should. Many people in games complain about it because tanks can literally "cloak" till they are right next to you. The system only checks once about once every 10sec. So you can if your lucky with a fast tank move with out being seen or unlucky only more an inch and be seen. Firing guns has little effect on being seen as well because you can be shooting your cannon right next to some one and wont be detected until the next cycle.

Many tanks have holes in their armor, especially German tanks. Where large portions have no armor allowing module damage by even the weakest of guns or explosive rounds.

Balance is a serious issue, the top 3rd of games essentially get all the kills while the lower 2/3rds are cannon fodder. Often games are setup as all Tanks on 1 side and all tank destroyers on the other leading do a camping fest where nothing happens for the first 5-7min.

There have been many complaints about bias in tank design. The "Dev-54" being the worst, it seems that consistently one nation, Russian, has been always made to be be better then the rest in the top tier tanks. T-54, Object 704, IS-7, SU-14, T-44, etc. And other nations tanks and tech being very poor, German guns are just about as accurate and powerful as any other but they are not for balance reasons but when asking the devs when Russian tanks are not Nerf for balance the answer is they want to keep historic stats. I want to know why the two difference standards for nations.
steele28 21st March 2011, 16:56 Quote
I agree with Xtrafresh and Kamikaze-X, its a bit annoying when your being fired upon from 10 feet away and the guy does not appear or when you are looking at someone and you know they are there and they don't show up. Then how i am a low tier tank and i get put in a match with tier 8- 10 tanks all across the board.

is there something going to be done about the tank armor and shell damage? I am using a KV-3 and I can be taken out in one shot from a stupid M37, also I fire on tier 3 and 4 tanks and all I hear is "Bounced off or that didn't go through" Then you hear the famous " direct hit or one more like that and they are done" well that would nice if health actually came off of the enemy tank.

I would also like to know how much will it cost for premium accounts and gold?
Blanx3_Bytex 21st March 2011, 17:05 Quote
Will there be another soft-wipe before the official release of the game and will we know in advance what the premium accounts will cost and if they are one time or Wow style payments?
krazyxazn 21st March 2011, 17:14 Quote
Will we be able to create a platoon without a Premium account?
Will you raise the platoon size limit to say 4-5 players?
Woodspoon 21st March 2011, 17:42 Quote
When are you going to introduce British tanks? since they did have a fairly significant impact on WWII.
What are they going to do about the T-54 overkill?
Flip 21st March 2011, 18:07 Quote
Will there be any chance of a sort of Hardcore mode? so maybe this spotting system is taken out altogether where tanks are spotted in the normal way while they are in the open or not hidden properly, where they cant be spotted through a mass of forests with a red outline saying shoot here. Also to maybe remove the hit points system so if you do hit a tank in a known weakspot you destroy it, making the game at least feel like you have a chance against higher tier monsters.
Sleepyjo2 21st March 2011, 18:25 Quote
If you have not already (as far as I can tell, you have not), when will you be upgrading to the BigWorld 2.0 engine? Is this even possible at this point? Why did you not start with BigWorld 2.0?

Do you guys have a rough estimate (or better yet, rough date) of when US Tank Destroyers will be deployed?
What about a rough estimate for French tanks (the next in line last I heard)?

How are the English Voice Pack fixes/adjustments coming along? Potential dates (I like dates, obviously)?

Why start the German fixes with the Maus instead of something more used, like the King Tiger?

Think thats it for now. <.<
Krikkit 21st March 2011, 19:12 Quote
Are you going to be addressing the massive hit-reg issues that plague the big tanks when they get in close to each other? So many times I've poked an IS4/VK45 gun through an enemy only to do no damage at all with a scored hit.
Bluephoenix 21st March 2011, 19:25 Quote
I want to like the game, I really do. but there is such a laundry list of grievances I have with the game that I won't be returning post hard-wipe.

1) balance: the game doesn't have any in anything except T2 tanks.

2) no platoons unless you're a premium player. seriously guys.... MMO that is supposedly free to play base without the ability to group with friends?

3) nationality stacking: not playing Russian? you lose. (unless you're German arty or a leopard...)

4) Tiger lights on fire like a zippo, first time, every time. (comfirmed by a 35 match streak where I lit on fire at the first hit in every single one)

5) most fights without minimum 1 kill = loss of credits without premium.

premium players having a slight edge I can live with. the experience grind I can love with. the above? no way. :(
R-John 21st March 2011, 20:04 Quote
Why hard wipe other online games released successfully without hard wipes. The balance still has not been addressed since beta and beyond?

Are you going to make the game less Russian dominated i.e. T44 T54 but no M48 or M60 and the overpowered IS series...

Worst of All the artillery no where in history was a single artillery pieces so accurate and small calibre artillery so powerful 90 % of your potential customers hate the arti feature. Games that have no arti are more enjoyable and you see players commenting on how happy they are its not present if you haven't perfected it why include it till you do or not at all. How about in-game Mods not the forum mods in-game to watch out for arguments and rude players that get out of hand and distract from the game.

Are you going to reward long-time Beta players with a tank or tanks not just a token small gold allotment.

The grind is not worth going through again with these things not addressed...
Rue Ryuzaki 21st March 2011, 20:55 Quote
Why don't you sell the World of Tanks t-shirts openly? (you know you want to)

I have seen quotes in some interviews saying that "clan wars" and clans will be the heart of the game, my question is what will you be doing to ensure that people play only every now and then, or don't want to get all tied up in a clan, remain interested in the game since you will be focusing on clans?

Why did you have to get rid of tip99?
Xtrafresh 21st March 2011, 23:53 Quote
I would like to add a couple of points that, while not questions, might be good food for thought and lead to better debate with Wargaming :)

1) I completely agree on the spotting system, it's broken. The hardcore mode that Flip proposes sounds very interesting, i know quite a few battles that would pan out completely different :)

2) I'm very much for keeping artillery, if only for the variety in gameplay. I really like to play a more casual game of arty while i have a snack or if i need to break a losing streak with something different. Also, killing arti is awesome fun and very gratifying, and there's nothing like the thrill of surviving a concentrated artillery barrage. All in all i think the presence of artillery leads to more positive gaming situations then negative ones.
It's up to map designers to create interesting situations where you have a good balance between areas that are safe from arty and areas that are bombed to smithereens :)

3) I don't care about the balance being in favor of Russian tanks. I can hardly think of a game that isn't the other way around, and i don't find that too disturbing either. Ofcourse, if you design both teams, your own team wins.
feathers 22nd March 2011, 10:54 Quote
I gave the game a try last night. Wasn't impressed. Looks and feels like a game from 10 years ago. I mean it really does look and feel that dated! The weapon system is very arcadey. I have deleted the game.
feathers 22nd March 2011, 10:55 Quote
P. S.

None of the scenery is destructible. This further adds to the dated look and feel of the game. It's VINTAGE!
Lizard 22nd March 2011, 11:35 Quote
Originally Posted by feathers
None of the scenery is destructible. This further adds to the dated look and feel of the game. It's VINTAGE!

I wonder how long you played for, as all trees are destructible and so are a lot of buildings. However, you'll only be able to destroy objects like this if you're travelling at high speed in a decent weight tank (i.e. not the training tanks you start off with).
PQuiff 22nd March 2011, 16:35 Quote
As as beta tester (pretty rubbish one at that) i tend to die alot, well not alot per say but normally first in every match due to my inability to stop myself rushing in.

Im wondering if WoT is considering implementing the Bomberman Revenge system. Where by i can slide on rails on either side of the map throwing bombs on the heads of my vanquishers?
james888 22nd March 2011, 22:31 Quote
I saw this game on the site and thought it looked amazing. I went and registered and downloaded. AVG antivirus pops up saying there is a backdoor trojan called spy eye attached. Explanation of spy eye -->
I was honestly very suprised by this. I am not the only one who has had this problem.

[SIZE=3]Others with the problem: [/SIZE]
I am not one to just add it to my exclusion list. I as of now am wary but still want to play the game.

So is a good developer or not?
Is spy eye really in the installer?
metarinka 23rd March 2011, 22:38 Quote
1) will there be improvements to the HUD, for the uninitiated it's very difficult to tell the difference between a heavy tank and and a medium from the tiny icon. On the player name a simple system that shows the tier of the tank (maybe an icon of rank) might help. To at least initiate new players that their tier 1 won't damage that tier 4)

2) any thought of tutorial or training levels for beginners on basic tank strategy. Most new players don't know exactly what they are supposed to do, besides roll over and die
Mankz 24th March 2011, 02:36 Quote
Having not played the beta, sell me the game in a sentence.
Lizard 24th March 2011, 10:21 Quote
Drive a 60 ton metal behemoth around the countryside blowing up Nazi's!

How was that? ;)
pimonserry 24th March 2011, 10:52 Quote
Nailed it.
Lizard 25th March 2011, 12:58 Quote
Thanks for all your questions chaps

I've sent off your quesitons to and hope to post the answers and competition winners sometime next week.
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