Veho announces keyboard controller hybrid

Veho announces keyboard controller hybrid

Veho's wireless keyboard and controller hybrid is called the Mimi Key 003 and costs £60.

PC Gamers are now able to combine keyboard, control pad and mouse in a new peripheral from Veho, called the Mimi Key 003.

As if combining a keyboard with a gamepad weren't enough, the Mimi Key 003 also features built-in accelerometers that allow it to work as an air mouse as well.

Priced at a shade over £60, the Mimi Key 003 also boasts a 20 hour battery life.

The keyboard works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems - but, according to Veho's site, may not function 'normally' on the latter two.

Veho is known for its unusual devices. The company's site claims: 'we like to do things differently.'

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[PUNK] crompers 11th March 2011, 14:44 Quote
could be very useful for a HTPC
The_Beast 11th March 2011, 14:46 Quote
Cool but why trade a keyboard and mouse, the perfect gaming controller, for something inferior? As a FPS player, I can't hit shiiiiiiiiit with a console controller compared to what I can do with a keyboard and mouse

It would be good for HTPCs though
mpr 11th March 2011, 14:48 Quote
This could be awesome for Final Fnatasy XI and XIV as both are exceptionally controller friendly. I'm sure there are a few other MMOs this would benefit.

As mentioned already this would be great for HTPC use as well. Just depends on battery use and ability to be wired during charging if applicable.
Lance 11th March 2011, 14:50 Quote
Damit, just spent £40 on a Logitech Slimline pro for my HTPC.

I would have seriously considered this.
DragunovHUN 11th March 2011, 14:59 Quote
Why is this news? This is basically microsoft's chatpad thingy except on a PS3 controller knockoff instead of a 360 one.
Zider 11th March 2011, 15:13 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Beast
Cool but why trade a keyboard and mouse, the perfect gaming controller, for something inferior?

kbd/mouse is quite inferior when sitting in a couch with no table to put it on. and not all games are made to be played with kbd/mouse either.
Blademrk 11th March 2011, 15:24 Quote
Not exactly new, as these have been on since at least November.
Out of curiosity, has anything changed on the "legal Hot potato" situation mentioned here ?

and does this mean Bit might be looking to do a small review?
Azayles 11th March 2011, 16:26 Quote
Is that a chiclet keyboard? I bet that's a whole lotta fun to type on :-|
RichCreedy 11th March 2011, 16:37 Quote
looks a bit like a zx spectrum joined with a joypad, yes i'm showing my age
Woodspoon 11th March 2011, 16:52 Quote
Kind of reminds me of the old Atari jaguar gamepad.
Azayles 11th March 2011, 17:31 Quote
The keyboard bit reminds me of the Amstrad internet telephone (showing my age, too)
Ficky Pucker 11th March 2011, 20:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Woodspoon
Kind of reminds me of the old Atari jaguar gamepad.

haha 1st thing i noticed :D
Eiffie 11th March 2011, 21:46 Quote
If blade & soul ever comes out and it supports a gamepad, I'd buy this or something similar. I wonder how comfortable that this is to hold and how heavy it is. I'd have to do a bit more research before I took the plunge and bought one but it looks solid!
Cool_CR 13th March 2011, 10:11 Quote
The amount of arthritis in my thumbs is would just be mean voice should be a given in all modern games.
dark_avenger 15th March 2011, 04:48 Quote
Looks pretty much like a xbox360 controller and chat pad to me....
p24hrsmith 16th December 2011, 13:33 Quote
I recently purchased one of these and wasn't happy with it, the main problem being the air mouse doesn't keep up with you movements. I tried it on Bioshock 2 and in battle when you have to do quick movements you end up with the gun pointing one way and the controller pointing the other. (The other thing is which I didn't think of at time of purchase compared to a trackerball mouse where I can turn 360 degrees you can't with this)This also happens in normal use, if you go to the edge of the screen the curse of course stops at resulting in the direction you pointing the controller to be dif from where the curse is.
I also downloaded the keymapping software from Cideko (the actual makers) for programming the gamepad buttons but this didn't work at all. This may have been because the unit was faulty as it wouldn't charge up the battery so would only work with the usb lead plugged in but I doubt that was the case.
I was very disappointed with it as it could be really good if it used a receiver like the WII uses and the key mapping software worked. So until they improve it I don't recommend it.
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