Double Fine announces Trenched

Double Fine announces Trenched

Trenched is the new Xbox Live Arcade game from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Studios.

Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions has announced it has a new game in development for Xbox Live Arcade, following on to the last two XBLA titles to emerge from the studio, Stacking and Costume Quest.

Dubbed Trenched, the new game is all about mech combat and represents an interesting direction for a studio which has previously released whimsical, comedy titles.

Players will take the role of a soldier in the Mobile Trench Brigade, the only surviving arm of the Human resistance in the face of an alien invasion. Big, stompy robots abound, with multiple miniguns apparently strapped to every surface that's big enough to hold one.

The mechs will be highly customisable and, while it's not confirmed, the trailer heavily hints towards multiplayer or co-op functionality.

Check out the Trenched trailer below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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greigaitken 3rd March 2011, 10:23 Quote
the only xbox game so far that makes me want to get one again.
Denis_iii 3rd March 2011, 13:38 Quote
looks sweet :) yet another xbox game that makes me want to get one!
Jamie 3rd March 2011, 14:07 Quote
Nice but I'm not paying £32+ a year to play this game online.
SMIFFYDUDE 3rd March 2011, 16:58 Quote
Trailer made by someone who just watched Starship Troopers i reckon.
Shayper09 3rd March 2011, 17:17 Quote
Please come out on PC! Love this style of game :)
Phalanx 3rd March 2011, 17:22 Quote
Stunning! Absolutely love this! Just my kind of game. Love the bit where he pulls up out of the sand :)
wafflesomd 3rd March 2011, 20:09 Quote
I'll buy it if it makes it's way to PSN.
TWeaK 3rd March 2011, 20:26 Quote
@wafflesomd: It's more likely to make it to PC... not that either will get it unfortunately :/
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