Dead Island trailer released

Dead Island trailer released

Techland's Dead Island, which was announced in 2007, will feature four player drop-in co-op.

Techland has released a stunning new trailer for upcoming zombie survival game, Dead Island, which is now scheduled for a 2011 release.

First announced back in 2007, Dead Island is a FPS with RPG elements and a focus on hardcore zombie survival tactics - read: melee weapons, foraging for supplies and sandbox gameplay based around exploring a large tropical island.

Techland has apparently opted to strip most firearms out of Dead Island, giving the action a more realistic feel where weapons degrade over time, according to an IGN preview.

The game is currently set to use the Chrome Engine 4 and is planned for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime this year - though no exact date has been released yet.

The trailer, below, is definitely worth a look - and we've kindly included a recut version of it too, which shows the events in chronological order.

Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Original Trailer

Recut Trailer by 10secondzombie


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Centy-face 17th February 2011, 10:57 Quote
Stunning trailer for what could be an interesting game. Techland have a lovely engine for this kind of environment and the damage system they were talking about a couple of years ago sounds good but we shall wait and see I guess. We know they are competent at the least this could be the big break for them.
Stotherd-001 17th February 2011, 10:57 Quote
Best trailer I've seen in a long time. Hopefully they make the story and gameplay as good and not just another generic zombie game...
chris66 17th February 2011, 11:12 Quote
Very good trailer.
I long for a game that will make be feel the same as when the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill did - the closest thus far has been Anmesia.
Bad_cancer 17th February 2011, 11:16 Quote
Thanks for the recut! was watching it this morning, and although I had pieced it together, watching the recut is even better! (Although it has less impact than the forward backwards one)
antiHero 17th February 2011, 11:17 Quote
Nice trailer, I like the idea of taking out most of the firearms. Gives it a more realistic feel as it defo easier to get your hands on a fireaxe then an uzi :D
liratheal 17th February 2011, 11:19 Quote
I could really do with this game being good.
Guinevere 17th February 2011, 11:26 Quote
OMG, that is by far the best game trailer I think I've ever seen.

I know I'm a mum but it actually brought tears to my eyes. I dare anyone to find three minutes from any zombie media that is more emotionally charged.
Yemerich 17th February 2011, 11:27 Quote
Really good trailer! really enjoyed it but....
I found it really sad and disturbing. The first one that it is....
Guinevere 17th February 2011, 11:32 Quote
Can I be the first to say.

Far Cry + Zombies.

Could be good, but if they bring the emotion from the trailer into the game I'm going to have a hard time playing it!
logan'srun 17th February 2011, 11:37 Quote
That is some f@ck-d up sh*t man, anytime you get the kids involved it hits some core nerves. Reminds me of that opening scene in , was it the Dawn of the Dead remake where the neighbors little girl came knocking on the bedroom door? That was messed up.

I love good zombie games and will definitely keep my eyes on this.
Aracos 17th February 2011, 11:40 Quote
Buying this game, nuff said :O
aggies11 17th February 2011, 12:08 Quote
Been waiting for this one for AGES, first read about it in a Gaming Magazine, wow, that musta been a long time...

This was announced before the flood of zombie games happened, back when Dead Rising gave us a taste of what was to come.

Hopefully it makes it to release and lives up to the promise. (I Think Computer Gaming World had a feature on it), video game news in a _Magazine_ ? So strange..
SMIFFYDUDE 17th February 2011, 12:15 Quote
Better than most hollywood zombie movies
bodkin 17th February 2011, 12:20 Quote
Huh, thats left me speechless, and I have no idea why! That soundtrack is bloody hunting too
scott_chegg 17th February 2011, 12:30 Quote
Ouch! That's proper emotion inducing stuff! Looks great so I shall keep an eye on this one.
Woodspoon 17th February 2011, 12:50 Quote
That zombie on fire reminds me of the titles to that old TV show "Tales of the unexpected", except that was a woman and not a zombie (probably)
God I feel old for knowing that.
Kiytan 17th February 2011, 13:10 Quote
That is an utterly brilliant trailer, best i've seen in a long time. I've loved techlands other games, so I have high hopes for this one.

Also, when she first reverse-smashs through the window, did anyone else get reminded of the Wii adverts?
Instagib 17th February 2011, 13:24 Quote
Awwwww, such an emotional trailer. I really felt empath for them.
Right, i'm off to play L4D2 to fight off a hoard properly.
aquatuning 17th February 2011, 13:24 Quote
Great trailer! looking forward to this.
mpe91 17th February 2011, 13:25 Quote
That trailer is amazing. And if it is anything to go off, it could be a very emotionally involved game.
do_it_anyway 17th February 2011, 13:37 Quote

If they manage to get that sort of emotion into the final
GravitySmacked 17th February 2011, 13:40 Quote
Wow great trailer, looks very promising.
Jamie 17th February 2011, 13:59 Quote
That's really sad.
The Monk 17th February 2011, 14:08 Quote
Quite possibly the greatest game trailer i've ever seen.
dactone 17th February 2011, 14:48 Quote
dope trailer ! nearly cried! graphics look sweet aswell!
thelaw 17th February 2011, 15:18 Quote
Putting this one on my want list.
Skiddywinks 17th February 2011, 15:29 Quote
Now THAT is a ****ing trailer!
maximus09 17th February 2011, 16:25 Quote
excellent trailer, quite emotional, if the game can actually make this type of connection should be great!
Grimloon 17th February 2011, 17:26 Quote
While I usually take trailers with a generous bucket load of salt, that one actually got my interest. Very well put together with a hell of an impact.
Toploaded 17th February 2011, 17:31 Quote
I normally hate zombie themed games and movies but that trailer even got my attention.
Wicked_Sludge 17th February 2011, 18:26 Quote PC love as usual :(
Phil Rhodes 17th February 2011, 18:37 Quote
Oh, a dead little girl.

How deeply lovely.


Skiddywinks 17th February 2011, 18:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Wicked_Sludge PC love as usual :(

From wikipedia:
Dead Island is an open world video game in development by Techland for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, scheduled for a 2011 release.
Wicked_Sludge 17th February 2011, 18:42 Quote
whoops, i misread the BT article.

in that case; yay!
frontline 17th February 2011, 18:56 Quote
Excellent trailer! Chrome Engine 4 should make the game look nice and Techland are a solid developer, so here's hoping...
Jaffo 17th February 2011, 19:55 Quote
Nice trailer but has no bearing on whether the game will be any good. Will keep an eye out for it though so I guess it's done it's job!
PingCrosby 17th February 2011, 19:57 Quote
Jolly good old bean, can't wait for this one.
Penfold 17th February 2011, 20:23 Quote
By far the best trailer i have ever seen, i cant think of a single game trailer that has brought out such an
emotional response as this. Its on my list i just hope they can capture some of this for the game.
Fizzban 17th February 2011, 20:39 Quote
Can't wait to see how this game turns out!
Everydayoddity 17th February 2011, 22:43 Quote
Crickey, although it shows little to no actual gameplay, I'm definitely interested. If the game can show the production values, story and emotional hooks that the trailer does, its a dead cert winner. How much does anyone know about the actual game though? Is it all co-op? All online? more RPG or Action game?
leveller 17th February 2011, 23:12 Quote
Outstanding work.

The girl isn't dead though ... well kinda ... sleep well.
Kiytan 17th February 2011, 23:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Everydayoddity
How much does anyone know about the actual game though? Is it all co-op? All online? more RPG or Action game?

From what i've read on IGN, upto 4 player co-op, mainly action with some rpg elements, some sort of levelling up/skill tree
Tokukachi 18th February 2011, 11:33 Quote
Epic trailer, will keep my eye on this one.

Item degradation sucks though, it hasn't been a good addition to any game, ever.
frontline 18th February 2011, 19:48 Quote
Just noticed that it had been in development since 2007, is Duke Nukem in it?
Ayrto 18th February 2011, 22:06 Quote
Yeah, it looks pretty good.

Agree with an earlier poster that Amnesia stands out. Especially considering the limited engine tech Frictional had at their disposal. It kinda makes you wonder what could be done with something like a Frostbite 2 or Cryengine 3, if the will was there to make something other than just another crappy generic shooter.
LordPyrinc 19th February 2011, 02:36 Quote
Wow... that was disturbing. Major props to those involved making the trailer. Truly a testament of how a CGI mini film can evoke emotion from the audience. I watched both, but prefer the trailer as it was meant to be shown. Just imagine something like that 5 or 10 years from now when you wont be able to differentiate between CGI and actual film in a game.
knuck 19th February 2011, 05:45 Quote
trailer reminds me of the Gears of War commercial with Mad World playing
thelaw 19th February 2011, 17:24 Quote
pfffff - has this for a 30th sept 2011 release date..this is a while yet before we get to see it then.
Wicked_Sludge 19th February 2011, 20:36 Quote
is that an accurate date? dead islands website just says "2011".

i know retailers sometimes insert a date just as a place holder. when gamestop first put guild wars 2 up for preorder, they had an october or november 2010 release date listed even though there wasnt (and still isnt) an official release date.
thelaw 19th February 2011, 20:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Wicked_Sludge
is that an accurate date? dead islands website just says "2011".

i know retailers sometimes insert a date just as a place holder. when gamestop first put guild wars 2 up for preorder, they had an october or november 2010 release date listed even though there wasnt (and still isnt) an official release date.

Dont know i can go on what they say on there site, they are usually good at getting release dates for pre-order on there site and being accurate, that is the date they are allowed to release the game as well so i would imagine its accurate.

Bear in mind thought that is a UK release date..
Dae314 19th February 2011, 21:28 Quote
This game definitely has the potential to be an amazing zombie game (it might even dethrone the L4D series as the reigning zombie game champion if it's done spectacularly). I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop (it still needs to be a laptop b/c I'm still going to school D=) to play it ^^ b/c mine right now is running intel GMA >.>. Do you think a GTX 460M laptop graphics card could handle that game @ 1920x1080?
GeorgeStorm 19th February 2011, 21:36 Quote
Apparently they are going to make a memento style film about it because the trailer was so good!
Nikols 14th March 2011, 19:16 Quote
Just watched this trailer on steam... holy crap!

Came back to bitty to see if you had anything written up on it and you guys are way ahead of me. If the game lives up to the trailer itll be something else!
leveller 24th May 2011, 23:45 Quote
Just watched the 12 min gameplay trailer ... not impressed ...
stormbringer500 21st July 2011, 23:17 Quote
I am so buying this game !
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