Ridge Racer Unbounded announced

Ridge Racer Unbounded announced

Namco Bandai has announced a new Ridge Racer title, Ridge Racer Unbounded.

Namco Bandai has announced a new entry in the popular Ridge Racer franchise for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC - the first time the series will grace the PC platform.

Dubbed Ridge Racer Unbounded, the game is being developed by BugBear Entertainment - best known for the FlatOut series and the 2007 PSP version of Sega Rally.

Beyond that, however, Namco hasn't given too many details away and has only made vague promises that Unbounded will be different to other Ridge Racer games.

'It’s time to break not only the rules, but plenty of cars too,' says the synopsis in the press release. 'You think you’ve seen crashes? You’ve seen nothing. In Ridge Racer Unbounded your car is a high-octane wrecking ball.'

'Ridge Racer Unbounded has a new mantra – Drive, Destroy, Dominate – and it’s one that’s going to shake up the racing genre for good'

A teaser trailer has been released by Namco Bandai, but shows no gameplay footage - check it out below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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liratheal 7th February 2011, 11:27 Quote
EvilMerc 7th February 2011, 11:28 Quote
Why, oh why, could they not stick to superb drifting?
Xir 7th February 2011, 11:46 Quote
your car is a high-octane wrecking ball.'
and made by the "Flatout" poeple.
This could be hilarious!
mrbens 7th February 2011, 12:44 Quote
Great news. I LOVED the PS1 & 2 Ridge Racer games.

So glad to hear it'll be on PC this time. :D
ChaosDefinesOrder 7th February 2011, 12:48 Quote
My biggest memory of Ridge Racer? Enemy cars with a jet powered slingshot starting boost while your car starts in treacle, and rubber cars that bounce you backwards when you try and overtake...

maybe that's just me, but Ridge Racer Type 4 was tolerated through gritted teeth rather than enjoyed... the three wheeled car was quite funky though...

Maybe it's gotten better since, but 4 put me off the franchise completely.
Th3Maverick 7th February 2011, 13:36 Quote
Sounds like Burnout. *shrugs*
FelixTech 7th February 2011, 15:03 Quote
Looks a bit ludicrous, what with a racing car happily going through a 4x4 and then a wall :S
Gradius 7th February 2011, 15:12 Quote
WTF? They just RUINED the game!!
dactone 7th February 2011, 15:43 Quote
looks rubbish.
SimonStern 7th February 2011, 18:13 Quote
I'd say they should have kept it the same but I've only ever played 1, 2, and 5 so I don't know if it's been the same since. I remember those days before we got hold of Gran Tourismo my friend and I would get down on that game all day. Hours of fighting that devil car trying to win it, then 2 came out and had the angel car... Man those were the days :)

I liked the customization on 5 with the editing logos and such but don't remember much else besides there were trucks.
HourBeforeDawn 7th February 2011, 22:22 Quote
there has always been something awesome about the Ridge Racer series, I cant wait to check this out :)
Repo 8th February 2011, 12:36 Quote
'Ridge Racer Unbounded has a new mantra – Drive, Destroy, Dominate – and it’s one that’s going to shake up the racing genre for good'

[cough] Burnout Dominator [/cough]

Having said that, Ridge Racer (and it's almost identical twin Ridge Racer 2) is my favourite racing game on the PSP, closely followed by Burnout Legends.
Penfold 8th February 2011, 13:34 Quote
Unbounded, that sounds like one of those words that's made up to me, its driving me crazy grrr what a rubbish name "Unbounded" arrgghhh rage quit
fozmcfc 8th February 2011, 15:25 Quote
Loved Ridge Racer on the PSP, nice to see it is coming to the PC as well.
dangerman1337 8th February 2011, 21:19 Quote


EDIT: It ain't working for some reason.
iworld 17th February 2011, 10:14 Quote
Ridge Racer comming to the PC - The PC is still king!
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