Paradox announces Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare

Paradox announces Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare

What's free to play, made by one man and features both muskets and time travel? Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare.

Paradox Interactive today announced a new free to play RTS and shooter hybrid, Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare, at the Paradox Interactive Convention in New York.

Developed by one-man studio Radioactive Software, Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare is currently in pre-alpha after just three months of development - but already looks interesting and fun enough to impress. Based around the American Civil War, Gettysburg involves an army of steampunk warriors travelling back in time to alter the past.

One of the first titles to launch on Paradox's new free-to-play hub, Paradox Connect, Gettysburg is a multiplayer strategy game for up to 64 players, where each person can take control of individual units at will.

Due out this Summer, Radioactive Software's president, lead artist and developer, Danny Green, showed us what he's put together thus far. Features include terrain deformation, a comprehensive level editor and a new range of steampunky vehicles.

Danny was apologetic for the fact that the game didn't have final animations after three months of work, but in our opinion Gettysburg is already one of the most interesting games of this summer.

Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare will be financed through micro-transactions, but the details of how that will work haven't been nailed down quite yet. We'll bring you more as we find it out, but until then why don't you let us know what you think in the forums?


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docodine 20th January 2011, 23:03 Quote
What a twist!
FelixTech 20th January 2011, 23:34 Quote
Don't you ever sleep?!?!

Sounds awesome though.
docodine 20th January 2011, 23:50 Quote
I really don't..
Cthippo 21st January 2011, 04:49 Quote
That's an interesting concept. Definitely something different in the plot department.
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