Panasonic Jungle enters closed beta

Panasonic Jungle enters closed beta

Panasonic's Jungle is inching towards release, entering an invite-only beta phase in the US.

Panasonic's first entry into the console market since the ill-fated 3DO, the MMO-themed Jungle, looks set to launch imminently, with US users invited to take part in a beta test process.

The console, which was hinted at back in October with a low-resolution video on a teaser site, is said to offer on-the-go access to popular MMOs in a hand-held form factor - including, the company announced, the sci-fi themed MMORPG Battlestar Galactica Online.

Although the company is still keeping its cards very tightly to its chest, an e-mail was recently sent to US customers inviting them to take part in a closed beta process to test the device and see how well it copes with the unique requirements of MMO games - a genre which has never translated particularly well to consoles.

Bloomberg, which has seen a copy of the e-mail, reports that Panasonic has claimed to be "doing something very different" in the hand-held market, stating that it knows "other companies out there have traditional hand-held gaming covered."

Sadly, the e-mail did not include any hints as to when the device is likely to fully launch, or how much Panasonic - which last entered the gaming market with the supremely expensive 3DO back in 1993 - will be looking to charge for the device.

Do you think that the promise of on-the-go access to MMO gaming will be enough for Panasonic to break into a market ruled by Nintendo and Sony, or is the Jungle destined to be as big a flop as the 3DO? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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FelixTech 1st December 2010, 18:25 Quote
By the looks of the picture there's a qwerty keyboard, in which case it's either going to be annoyingly small or about as big as a small laptop (which can play WoW fine anyway). Is there really a demand for this stuff?
SMIFFYDUDE 1st December 2010, 18:30 Quote
looks heavy
Sloth 1st December 2010, 18:39 Quote
Dear companies trying to get into the MMO market,

Please never try to make MMOs go mobile. Their nature demands providing a wealth of information and options to the player. The restrictions of current mobile technology are too great to provide a decent MMO experience to the player.

A former WoW, WAR, FFXI and FFXIV player
Threefiguremini 1st December 2010, 19:00 Quote
That is unbelievably ugly
StoneyMahoney 1st December 2010, 19:03 Quote
Looks like an uglier Pandora.
yakyb 1st December 2010, 19:09 Quote

How long until its scrapped?
Jim 1st December 2010, 19:27 Quote
I didn't know MMO players went mobile.
CharlO 1st December 2010, 19:33 Quote
No wow no win.
Farting Bob 1st December 2010, 22:51 Quote
Reminds me of those crappy v-tech kids gadgets that try to make all there own games because no-one else will, then they sell about 20 consoles and give up.
sixfootsideburns 2nd December 2010, 00:14 Quote
MMO on the move? But I thought MMO players just sat in their basements so why does it need to be mobile?
Farting Bob 2nd December 2010, 01:28 Quote
Originally Posted by sixfootsideburns
MMO on the move? But I thought MMO players just sat in their basements so why does it need to be mobile?

For when they have to walk to the door for the pizza delivery guy?
Cthippo 2nd December 2010, 07:01 Quote
If they can get it to work right they will sell a shedload of them. Remember when the staff was playing Neptune's pride and checking their email constantly? THis will be worse.
[PUNK] crompers 2nd December 2010, 17:21 Quote
Originally Posted by CharlO
No wow no win.


if it doesnt support WoW no-one will buy it, who is seriously going to buy one to play Battlestar online?
Journeyer 8th December 2010, 11:36 Quote
But can it play Minecraft?
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