APB will relaunch as free-to-play MMO

APB will relaunch as free-to-play MMO

Realtime Worlds' ill-fated MMO, APB, will relaunch in 2011 as a free-to-play game.

APB, the MMO which closed earlier this year and which spelled the end for Dundee-based developer Realtime Worlds, is now set to relaunch in 2011.

The ill-fated MMO was bought by Reloaded Productions, a subsidiary of the K2 Network, who now plan to relaunch the game as a free-to-play MMO that will be financed by microtransactions.

APB was released in July this year after a protracted and expensive development period, but ultimately met with poor critical response and sales. The title limped on regardless, but was ultimately closed in September. Realtime Worlds itself closed not much later, cancelling all future projects.

Reloaded Productions now plans to give the game a second chance in the second half of 2011, but is keeping specifics quiet for the moment.

For more information on what we thought of the original game, check out our APB review. Alternately, Phil Hartup wrote a rather moving feature on the closure of the game called You Won't Respawn Tomorrow, which is also worth a look.

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deathtaker27 16th November 2010, 14:28 Quote
I saw this still on sale at hmv, and wahoo ish, microtransactions = meh
DragunovHUN 16th November 2010, 14:35 Quote
Woo! No need to tolerate the private server scum community anymore!
mug2monkey 16th November 2010, 14:47 Quote
More interested in being one of the unlucky ones to buy it then play less than a hour (played alot during beta) to find it still unbalanced cannon fodda. Loved the creative designing but the deaths and being ganked put me off. Bought through steam so would like a in game bumper for the loss of money thrown by customers.
Hovis 16th November 2010, 15:07 Quote
Any company hoping to re-release it needs to put work in, but there's a very, very good game at the heart of APB. Driving cars, shooting people, fast paced dynamic team missions, that stuff is always going to be good, but getting that sort of gameplay balanced and making it fun for everybody, that's damn hard to do. RTW never managed it, and indeed were chasing a few wild geese for much of the way.
Floyd 16th November 2010, 15:20 Quote
Might play it again if its free. Im done paying to play ANY game for quite some time.
Hope they deal with the maxxed out players hacking on the noobs. It was always one sided when I was playing.
kosch 16th November 2010, 17:19 Quote
100m development bawhahah.
cheeriokilla 16th November 2010, 17:40 Quote
I doubt I'll play it even if it's free... My major turnoff was the cars responsiveness, terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible coding
HourBeforeDawn 16th November 2010, 18:31 Quote
I might take a look now that its free... maybe...
Plugs 16th November 2010, 18:55 Quote
i hope the new team working on it listen to opinions given to RTW...
Blackie Chan 17th November 2010, 02:00 Quote
okay, i would try a free to play APB
Cafuddled 17th November 2010, 10:49 Quote
Indeed they better fix things in this game or there really is no point... After all what will be the difference between reading that it's bad and not buying it or playing it and finding out that it's bad then not playing it anymore and personally I hate microtransactions, as the only people who have fun are the ones that spend insane amounts of money making everyone else cannon fodder. And lets be honest here, who likes playing just to be other players cannon fodder.
Xtrafresh 18th November 2010, 08:57 Quote
What put me off the most in the beta (aside from bugs, unbalance, unclear objectives, bad learning curve and unresponsive controls) was the utter lack of drama i felt when playing. It was all so bland and unspectacular. I got a car up to top speed and slammed it into another, waiting at the traffic lights. Both stop with a mild 'thud'. I wanted at least one of thecars to be flying or tipping over as the bare minimum, but nothing. The whole game felt that way.

Untill i see some ingame footage that proves this has changed substantially, i'm not going to revisit, even for free. It's a pity, the concept is quite good.
DragunovHUN 18th November 2010, 09:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Xtrafresh

Untill i see some ingame footage that proves this has changed substantially, i'm not going to revisit, even for free. It's a pity, the concept is quite good.

If that's what floats your boat, then fair enough. I have different memories regarding car physics though.

Like when i was cruising in my Crown Vic enjoying my donut, when all of a sudden a punk flies past me in a Bishada, with a rookie cop giving chase, albeit kitted out with a really posh car. The second guy's car barrel rolls into a bunch of pedestrians and comes to a stop on its side. So i pull up next to him and proceed to flip his car back over with my cruiser. While he gives me a /bow emote i realise that he'll have a really hard time without someone riding shotgun so i promptly get into his car and off we go. In the end we catch up to the guy and shut his ass down.

I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a game...
sethnmalice 21st November 2010, 06:15 Quote
does anyone know if APB is going to be released world wide? i've been following the game for some time and couldnt find a copy of it in australia.
Twist86 26th November 2010, 18:09 Quote
Doubt I will buy it now even though its free. The gameplay looked dull and boring and I heard it was poorly coded. I guess I am just getting sick of gaming companies in general with all the BS that comes with them anymore.
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